note: today is just a normal at the beginning of the month? No, no, no, open the news cheated so early in the morning, from a world full of malice between people will trust the basic brush burst. Even I smell a well-known editor has been deceived by their own news. In such a special day, the tech giants released some false news was discredited in the face of elders. As the little horn comb you sir responsibility for major technology giants out of integrity.


black belt guards Technology: cat food can go out to change the flow of


Tmall’s upcoming

MEW-FI plan, the city will flow from the stray cat turned a cat, as long as carry out food, mobile phone traffic is no longer a problem. Shanghai, Hangzhou and other 10 cities will be the first pilot run.


, stray cat adoption rate increased significantly, some provinces and cities to complain about the "stray cat" and "cat" silly know.

Baidu wallet will push the heart pay function

April 1st news, recently came out of the network of a group of Baidu wallet App design sketches, from which to see, Baidu wallet or will launch the heart pay and talk up fund and other functions.

it is understood that the "pay" will be built in intelligent hardware devices, detect users every day and emotional state, according to the needs to push and store coupons the most suitable at the same time, all businesses have a corresponding payment system, to wearable devices and docking, will be preferential.

in addition to the heart to pay function, the trailer also revealed that Baidu wallet or by means of the introduction of the chat fund payment function. Specifically, the user needs to create a chat fund in Baidu wallet, the amount determined by the user. When approached the fund set after the success in the street to see the girl and she wants to talk, just walk close to her passing, Baidu wallet will send users approached the fund "to her. If she accepts the user’s "talk through fund", Baidu wallet will create a temporary conversation window, the two sides can chat or voice. Create a temporary window will also give two nearby Cinema / restaurant coupons, only when the phone is close to two. In other words, two people talk about success, will use coupons.

previously, Baidu wallet as a mobile payment tool, mainly built in the phone Baidu, Baidu maps and other Baidu products and other App. At present, the bank has 126 countries with the transfer function docking. Close to Baidu wallet sources, May Baidu wallet will have a big move.


, Baidu will be more intimate than a boyfriend, a woman show, but the birth of "accosted fund" and let the female friends hate, Baidu become the boyfriend after another to let the girls love to hate there. In addition, Alipay as electronic payment platform recently acquired.