share experience micro-blog marketing strategy in the two article "(on)" and the sharing of practical experience in the marketing strategy of micro-blog (China) and the simple explanation of your personal combat, I believe many people for micro-blog marketing have a general understanding and familiar with. This still nagging a few words, micro-blog’s marketing is a long-term and arduous task, do not be eager.

part of the reader after reading the two articles, asked me if I can get through the cash to buy the way to get fans, get reproduced Volume I answer them into the following two points:

1 has a commercial operability, but not worthy of long-term implementation;

for the commercialization of micro-blog, the purchase is indeed a better solution, it can make this micro-blog in a short period of time, the surge in popularity, get attention, especially for micro-blog’s infancy. But in the long run, the only decoration surface, and can not change the essence of as is negative for the long-term development of a micro-blog later, by buyers tend to be the temptation of interests, rather than in infection.

2 timely, moderate purchase will be on a higher level;

mentioned earlier, micro-blog’s marketing and marketing methods are basically similar. When we started in the early stages of the micro-blog access or popularity of low status, appropriate purchase will help push micro-blog out of the woods, usher in a new development. In the purchase should pay attention to is not only appropriate, but also to buy the theme of micro-blog fans with your micro-blog theme fit to high. In the choice of fans to buy, the way to assess the popularity of this micro-blog, reprint volume, the number of fans, update speed, etc..

to solve some of the reader’s questions, continue to share micro-blog’s marketing strategy in the actual combat experience. Maintenance of the completion of the number of stages indicates that we have to use micro-blog marketing has begun, the next step will be from the marketing methods and techniques to explain the process of micro-blog marketing products.

commercial for micro-blog, because micro-blog play roles and entertainment type, entertainment type of micro-blog is completely different, every step must be rewarded, so micro-blog decided the enterprise should pay attention to methods and skills in marketing on the road. For example, micro-blog’s topic is how to set, how to organize the content, and how to express and so on is particularly important. If your blog is a question, or with suspense, and with some temptation and humor, it will cause fans to think and participate, naturally, the amount of views and comments will increase. On the contrary, such as news in general Bowen, but it is difficult for fans to start. The following figure is a blog post reflects the above points:


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from the dream as the starting point, blog theme is clear, just perfect control organization of content, the words, let the fans read more cordial, get comments and promotion.

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