marketing has been a headache. Why is my product so good that the user does not buy? Why do I do so many ads or not? Why is my colleague’s sales performance is much higher than me?.

twenty-first Century is the era of the Internet, network marketing has become the focus of attention, through the network to sell their products to become the most popular way. But what I’m doing is not working. Take the webmaster, for example, my site traffic so high, that is, can not make money. I have so many users, that is not the formation of transformation. Where is the reason that Yuan Kun did not believe that the user needs to understand: users need is not high quality, but useful to me.

or to the owners as the starting point for many webmaster friends, have experienced a golden age of SEO, with Baidu in 2012 628, what is now the webmaster circle spread: original content, high quality chain, user experience and brand, and how to do, but can not say?.

who wants to achieve their sales goals through the network, however, more and more platforms have become the focus of advertising. Whether micro-blog or WeChat or the eye is advertising. What is more private chat: forwarding, point like, push. What is the result of such hard advertising?. In the end how to do marketing guardian Yuan Kun think should pay attention to three points.

A: how to attract users.

is like chasing girls, the first thing to do is to attract users. What does the user want to do?. Behave, dress, etc.. The same is true on the internet. How to attract users to do is to pack their own. So it is very important to build up our own brand. The beginning of the brand is certainly self styled, nature is the formation of late reputation. What we need to do is to believe that we will expand our thinking. (such as celebrity endorsements, is a trust agent, trust transfer)

two: target users into loyal users.

looking for new users is always difficult to maintain old users. So, as operators, how their target users, or consumer user into loyal users, forming two transactions. If you use the professional terminology of network marketing, that is, we mention the wire marketing, interested friends can go to the search. Users have used our products, because our products have characteristics, naturally formed a certain degree of trust. Then the two consumption becomes simple. Every successful business, they pay more attention to the maintenance of repeat customers, do you think?

three: users need is not high quality but useful to me.

more and more friends in time to do network marketing, to an extreme, their products are praised as if it were raining flowers. However, it ignores an essential problem. These products >