the archipelago of people became a continent,MEGADETH? The bandold hands at showmanshiptweaked the crowds volume like virtuososcoming out singlytesting equipmentrunning sound checks and teasing the audience A video of all of them psyching themselves up in the green room elevated energy levels to a fever pitch Finallyat 830 pmthe band strode onto the stage and without even a Namaste threw themselves into their first songTrustfrom the album Cryptic Writings Lead vocalist and guitarist Dave Mustainebassist Dave Ellefsondrummer Shawn Drover and guitarist Chris Broderickthe team that makes up Megadethowned the stage from the first chord They played a slew of songs from their latest albumThirteenwhich included tracks such as We The People13 and Public Enemy No 1 It was only then that Mustaine stopped shredding the guitar long enough to welcome the crowd He announced thatsince 2012 was the 20th anniversary of the bands most successful album Countdown to Existencethey would play every song from it that night They did just that and the people ate it up The music was immaculate Mustaine and Brodericks chords were razor sharp as they plucked complex melodiesand Ellefsons heavy thrumming bass provided some solid backing notes Drovers drumming was fluid yet controlled as he switched from staccato drum beats to liberally splashing on the snares The sound qualityhowevertended to drown out Mustaines vocals at timesa disappointment since Megadeth is (in)famous for its lyrics A giant video screen behind the band showing montages of war sceneseconomic and religious leaders and symbols from around the worldensured that the audience knew the reference points of the songs The audience put up a show of its own headbanging to the music and moshing (dancing in a wildand slightly violentmanner) At the endMustaine roared out? For all the latest Technology News, director of the Planet and Star Formation Department of Max Planck Institute for Astronomy.are natural phenomena.

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