with the speed of my company’s network, in order to be able to more effectively open the network marketing situation, I suggest the choice of SEO site optimization (ie: search engine ranking service). Details are as follows:

SEO website optimization is through the website structure, page layout, web content, the quality of the chain and other elements of the rational planning, make the website related product keywords in the search engine ranking. And after the optimization of the site will be in front of a number of search engines.

now my company for the development of the main means of the market to participate in the exhibition, online search, customer introduction, such as three. These three methods have certain effect, can bring a certain customer for our company. However, these three methods are lack of long-term efficacy. In order to better develop the network market and let the "online search customer" optimization, my company needs to establish a long-term network marketing development mechanism. Because the search engine can let our company all the year round foreign propaganda and counterparts are the industry buyers and a lot of online buyers to find suppliers will continue to compare the choice of sellers. So the search engine ranking determines the probability of our turnover. Therefore, SEO search engine optimization is a long-term development of the network market means.

The Internet search through

to peer friends and I understand, suggestion and Seo360 (Jintang network media cooperation, carry out our search engine optimization services. The reason is that the company in the industry leading technology and good reputation. At present, including Dongfeng Motor, China trademark, high pump and other large enterprises and cooperation also proved this point.

to SEO site optimization service is completed, we can manage in order to make full use of:

1, the company’s Web site to the site to carry out a comprehensive capacity update and maintenance management.

2, according to the company’s business unit on the search engine inquiry according to product classification and sent to the relevant business personnel. Business manager according to the customer situation combined with the status of the Department of the distribution of customers, and the formation of records. The relevant salesman regularly feedback to the business manager business development progress until this customer development success. Customer development is not successful, the relevant business reasons, and the formation of records.

please review and instructions.

applicant: Wang Ze

On five January 2007