content production threshold is high, for many start-up companies, both the lack of money shortage of professionals, especially in the start-up period, in order to achieve a night burst red, is a very big challenge. Is there a more convenient way to do this,



July 30th, hit the headlines, Tupou technology jointly launched against Jin Shanyun APICloud, innovative enterprises, jointly organized the "mobile innovation from 0 to 1 as the theme of the line salon. APICloud founder and CEO Liu Xin, tuppy technology founder and CEO Li Mingqiang, co-founder of Li Maoda (Star sent t-tat), Jin Shanyun Internet division deputy general manager Zhao Ruiping, to discuss and solve the entrepreneurial innovation of enterprise product development, operation and maintenance of the product, brand promotion and other multi issue.

for venture company brand promotion difficult pain point star school co-founder Li Maoda (t-tat) on the activities of the theme of "entrepreneurial companies how to do marketing" speech.

"entrepreneurial companies must know how to use the strategy to drive through a combination of content, content and media channels, to find the right time to spread, it will achieve the maximum effectiveness of the communication, the most convenient effective way." Da said.

can not be used to develop a set of products to do content production

for a lot of start-up companies, from 0 to 1 to build the product, to finance, do promotion is the need to solve the pain points.

especially in the current media environment, everywhere successful entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs found every day in the life of others the joy of success, especially the operation of their own public number, micro-blog tend to feel the pain of others: why do that? Why there are few companies to spread their case


under the pressure of market competition, many entrepreneurs to myth making in a short period of time, but could not find the direction and method.

"the development of a new product entrepreneurs can grasp in their own hands, but the link and the development of new products are completely different." Tert analysis, said, now the fragmentation of the media is extremely fragmented, massive information seriously lost focus, the promotion of more and more expensive, for entrepreneurs, do a good job promotion is a very big challenge."

learn to create a good reading experience


users for hard wide more and more immune, but in fact a lot of startups is common, although he produced some of the content, but the content is empty, often telling their own stories, are full of advertisements, reading experience is very poor, of course, the amount of reading is not high.

"now see a lot of start-up companies, with half of the time spent grinding products, half an hour fix copy, with a new zero fan account, you want to reach a lofty goal of spreading, is very unreasonable." Da said.

first of all, the start-up companies to promote pr