, code logic

1, h1-h7, in which the title of the 1 logical weight is the biggest, the importance of other titles with the number of H increases and decreases.
2, stressed the label, the general emphasis tag < em> < b> and focus on the high-profile label; < strong> < strong>, refers to the semantic emphasis, < b> emphasis mainly focuses on the visual performance.

two, link anchor text

link in SEO is very large, more anchor text can not be overlooked, so what is the anchor text. Such as: < a;

three, it is best to use the version of the cloth and privacy pages to improve the trust of the site.

four, website internal page link strategy

1, pay more attention to important web pages.
2, related links and channel associations, such as tag tags in blog.
3, export links, to provide users with access to more valuable information about the site is a good site, which is the search engine to give advice.

five, how to create link bait

get links to the technique mentioned in the link bait, by looking up some information to get some simple ways to provide reference.
2, to provide professional writing news resources to download
3, />4,
5 and targeted attack (oh, it may need to carefully think clearly)

six, how to reduce the information interference that signal to noise ratio.

in addition to the necessary and superior key page text navigation, try to highlight the important content of the site, non key content can be used for search engines to identify technology to the caller, such as frame and JS etc.. Language=" javascript" type=" text/javascript" > document.getElementById (‘loading’).Style.display=" none" src=" /Inc/writenews.asp; id=3986& cid=2" type="? Text/javascript"

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