Yuzuo part-time card sales work, a preliminary understanding of company internal are what people need to buy cards, they mainly buy what cards, but also some of the selling point of the price near your place of work clear, can be the first to their colleagues about their purchase price, also can go to Internet cafes all Capitol (I. Internet cafes are at par or par than some of the higher sale). In short to do the enemy, this is an important basis to set their own prices. These are almost the same, you can proceed to the next step!

while working part-time sales online card is a good thing, but how the cards recommend to my colleagues? First of all they have, people can mingle with colleagues; the first step to his relationship with the good and often buy cards colleagues say hello, here are their cards to sell, what they tell what cards the price (which can be used before the results of the survey, which staff often use what card, flatly told him; generally cheaper than the outside they will buy), tell them clearly what are the advantages of their own here, for example; can give the secret, after paying the economic strength to allow it; monthly, a lot of love to play the game will buy in the fierce card charge just sent money; then put the implementation of the monthly settlement date to wages after 2-3 days (tip: Monthly don’t casually do, must have the choice to do with what often buy card and not on colleagues)! This part of the people after they fix, you will also buy their own propaganda at the same time, he will be introduced to know need to buy card a colleague or friend. In order to let more colleagues know here are selling cards, can do some small cards printed in some festivals on their own advertising (such as the calendar printing business card size, one side is a calendar advertisement, which not only can not spend much money and can get very good publicity effect) free to everyone. Not everyone only to one, also can give a few, he can give him (her) friend, so propaganda has not expanded! They can also engage in promotional activities for female colleagues can engage in QQ promotions, the general female colleague QQ out of love your QQ space, QQ show, play QQ games, QQ kept as pets, they can recommend to the QQ member, red diamond, yellow diamond, blue diamond, QQ and other services. For most of my colleagues can engage in such activities, such as the purchase amount of more than 100 yuan, 300 yuan can send several QB QQ number game secret security card, you can also do a colleague purchase records, when the card purchase amount of a colleague to how much free to send him face value cards; it can engage in get two birds with one stone effect, make yourself at work, earn money and two not mistake can improve their prestige among employees of the


has the potential to dig some colleagues, such as his friends, relatives where to open Internet cafes, also is to dig some can bring you more customers colleagues; so that he can do his subordinate agency >