ads in jiaduobao, people always see a group of ebullience young people gather to drink, youthful face, and "brand rejuvenation" is the inherent logic of jiaduobao a series of marketing action.

last year, JDB launched a pot of gold, and the layout of the mobile Internet plus "strategy. The new tank launched last year, has not shaken the JDB brand in the minds of consumers in position. From Chinese Food Industry Association released the "2015 annual beverage industry overall operation report" shows that the herbal tea JDB canned herbal tea market accounted for 70.6% share of sales. Jiaduobao creatively in two-dimensional code printed on the herbal tea, let the pot of gold has become a new traffic entrance, but also makes the jiaduobao become FMCG beverage industry in the layout of the mobile Internet plus "enterprise.

in April 20th this year, listed in the gold cans JDB to celebrate the first anniversary of the conference, jiaduobao jointly announced the "angry birds" movie, launched the "golden cans JDB" angry birds "limited edition", and the world’s first Jingdong in the mall on May 9th. Gold cans JDB continue to join many partners held a "war ring fire this year, bar code to win a pot of gold" WeChat conference, sharing the economic potential of deep tank.

when the hand travel IP encounter gold pot of herbal tea · · · · · ·

IP is a specific circle recognized by the crowd of cultural symbols and emotional ties, with IP as a marketing lever, can quickly narrow the distance with consumers, efficiently leveraging word-of-mouth. IP marketing to achieve the ideal delivery results, needs to consider a series of factors: IP fans and target consumers is a niche overlap? IP or IP and popular culture? Brand temperament fit IP contains the value of the copyright? IP clear? Through the layers of screening, "angry birds" Mobile Games IP eventually became the gold cans JDB recognized brand partners.

"angry birds" by the Finland gaming company Rovio development, as the first worldwide explosion of Mobile Games in the mobile Internet era, has accumulated over 2 billion downloads; "angry birds" a Hollywood blockbuster in May 20th in Chinese released. Gold cans JDB and "angry birds" Cooperation issued a "traffic jam fire", "overtime fire" and "fire up" and "ring of fire" four limited edition gold cans JDB "angry birds" limited edition and the IP derived cross-border cooperation between films, has formed a group of fans in resonance.

interestingly, angry birds game is tipping as a young man, is the decompression of the outlet, anger can easily get angry, "angry birds" to make the effect of anger, digestion pressure release game entertainment. Gold cans JDB choice "angry birds" protagonist "fat red" as "war ring fire" global ambassador, "let more people afraid to get angry, drink jiaduobao" unique selling proposition more plump >