some time ago wrote two articles about the enterprise blog marketing, a corporate blog marketing blog written by one of the clever boss, the other one is the enterprise how to write my blog in the blog marketing two employees, today we continue to talk about the three enterprise blog marketing blog.

enterprise blog can be independent and efficient promotion of enterprise brand, it is the product of the enterprise network marketing service platform, enterprise do business blog has five main skills:

1 user location: first to clear your target users who want to influence who guide you; secondly the target users, by enterprise blog form, enterprise personification, closer to the user and the enterprise culture and the distance, let users feel close to the concern of enterprises, such as enterprise in the blog, can the use of products, continue to set the topic of discussion, to guide users to participate in.

2 content location: enterprise blog content often focus on corporate culture, product features, applications and services even to the production process of the product, service process, problems and solutions can be done to elaborate, detailed, specific, real, let visitors feel really cut enterprises everywhere for the client want to. Show the greatest value to the customer, the enterprise blog aims to enable the user to understand the business, understand the enterprise products, resulting in purchasing desire and become our obligations propagandists, to convey the feelings of the product to the people around.

3 manufacturing continued marketing: combine the product features using a variety of festivals, on the target user to Thanksgiving, let users feel the concern of enterprises, such as mother’s Day special Valentine’s day, seckill etc..

4 product pictures: to give the user a feeling to see the real thing, from the multi angle, a full range of pictures and photos will provide users with good quality of products, all starting from the user experience degrees.

5 adhere to the update, we must content is king, allowing users to truly feel the business users want to do for the user. Finally, let us share an example of corporate blog: VisaUSA enterprise blog

VisaUSA released their first blog in 2005 October, called the Turin trip:, the blog website to Olympic sports news as the theme of the book, contains podcasts audio content to interview athletes. It is worth noting that, Visa did not specifically promote this blog station, and in addition to the site logo and the bottom of the page description Broughttoyouby VisaUSA., the content did not mention Visa. Their purpose is to look at the spread of the virus through the means of communication, the blog can achieve what kind of communication. The results show that the number of users from a small number of users began to develop to 300 people a day, the first week of 2006, the number of readers reached a total of 10 thousand people in the first week of January.

article from: Ke Jia’s blog (www.31318186>)