Abstract: the new Newseed message, a one-stop service platform for GOSKI ski skiing, announced the acquisition of 33 million yuan A round of financing before the new move by the sports media, Jinding lead, Bole aspect, to play capital, capital surplus liantou. It is reported that the current round of financing will be mainly used for the development and operation of online products.


shoots Newseed news, July 18th, a one-stop service platform to go skiing ski GOSKI announced by the new dynamic sports media, Jinding lead investor, Bole aspect, to play capital, capital surplus Zhi liantou 33 million yuan A round of financing, the business sector and combined with cold mountain, clouds moving limit, three line travel. It is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used for product development and operation of online and offline sales network expansion, and create other aspects of its own event IP, also will be looking for high-quality projects in the area of merger and acquisition opportunities.

GOSKI was founded in July 2015, from skiing to sports market. According to the "global skiing market report" statistics, the 2014/15 China ski population of 12 million people, the future is likely to become the China engine and the center for global ski market.

skiing around this highly participatory experience movement, GOSKI began to explore the transformation of sports resources and consumption. In terms of customer service, the product starting from the snow snow, provide social friends, ticket ski lines, online video tutorials and training camps, snow accurate weather forecast service; in the event, GOSKI was in the 14/15 season has held on board, the world Lemei mountain rotary obstacle race, Wanda Changbai Mountain at the end of the season Carnival and other events and activities, to establish a leading position in the reputation and influence of the industry and so on, and get a clean capital angel investment.

after a lapse of one year, GOSKI with A round of financing to verify the integration of capital on its online and offline business integration. Cast to play capital founding partner Wang Liding said: "for the general population, skiing is still a relative motion project of high threshold, single Internet products can not effectively cut the actual movement to achieve business transformation, and GOSKI years of industry accumulation and the line of stores is more conducive to the advantage, through the construction of more low threshold motor consumption scenarios and let more people participate in and produce business models."

as the lead investor, the new Jinding executive partner Liu Yang also said, "Internet plus entity" mode is the trend of sports entrepreneurial projects, has obvious advantages over the past year GOSKI online, believe and quality line of business after the merger will consolidate the leading position in the industry.

GOSKI, founder of Lai Gang said, this round of financing will make the business collaborative development faster, and through the integration of online and offline to create a complete ecological chain. And combined with cold mountain, clouds moving limit, three line travel. Skiing brand will also accelerate the construction of the ecological chain, sports.