QQ happy farm fiery, how many such a small game will come out? Now no one knows, but the QQ ranch is definitely out! Type and QQ farm has certain difference! This is just the double reason, so this new trend of the new era of opportunities will come out! Is not only in the United States, Taiwan, China, are the people of the game! We should call them the world happy farm.

according to Taiwan media reports, Facebook happy farm caused a lot of controversy, there are civil servants work vegetables were arrested, and the company has expressly provided, employees can access the planting time; happy farm caused so many topics, but now the workers do not get distracted, someone made up 1 new dollar 20 yuan, can help you to harvest. In the farm service, which caused a warm response. A lot of netizens suit, the most part is college students.

go to work and to use the time to grow vegetables, stealing vegetables? There are people willing to help you do it, take a little money to help you harvest, let you concentrate on work. Happy farm escrow service Mindy: "in the online publication before the news has about more than and 40 personal Commission, recently started with more than 70 people, a few people." However, after the National Day this figure should be reduced.

launched the service Mindy said, his work is the translation press, time is more flexible, and found work friends, often distracted at work time farming, even their little friend as well. Mindy: "they play very crazy, meal, meal not eaten, rushed over to play, afraid of people stealing their stuff." For example, they are on the www.789ya.com QQ farm every morning on time to collect food, and then spend 15 minutes to visit friends began to work.

to help a friend, to help his son QQ happy farm, then more and more people come on her, she also decided to help you when the network tenant harvest service two, provide the account number, password, day fee of NT $25, to help you harvest, also can help you to a friend’s farm stealing the fruit, no provide a new account password from NT $20, but only the harvest you farmland management.

From the above

can also see that in fact a look QQ happy farm can often represent a city of people, at least I do not support the spirit of support is addicted to the game! Especially remember little kids in front of landing QQ farm so that they have a bad effect. It looks good side with them! Let them know farming vegetables is very meaningful, give them a positive impact! QQ farm becomes a textbook