in recent years, with the rapid development of the domestic Internet construction, network security and the continuous improvement of people’s consumption concept change, the domestic e-commerce has entered a stage of rapid development, especially in 2009 when the entire economy is struggling and brings the threat of economic crisis, e-commerce has become one of the biggest highlights the development of the national economy.

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consulting institutions have shown that the scale of the domestic e-commerce market in 2009 has a rapid growth, in which the B2B operator’s market turnover increased by 20%, the growth rate is similar with previous years;

C2C market size doubled in 2008, the fastest growing market size is B2C, the total market volume of the year to reach two times more than in 2008. E-commerce in China has achieved rapid development at the same time, the impact on the national economy is also growing. Data show that more than 50% of enterprises set up B2B, B2C e-commerce network. In the field of consumption, in 2009 China’s online shopping transactions accounted for more than 2% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods.

at the same time, in 2009, the number of e-commerce industry station to maintain rapid growth. According to CNZZ statistics, as of December 2009, the total number of e-commerce sites reached 1.56, an increase of 32.34%, of which the number of B2C sites more than 9400, an increase of up to 43.79%. In addition, the scope of e-commerce sites are expanding.

CNZZ data show that the number of visitors to e-commerce sites in December 2009 reached 267 million, an increase of 61.29%, the total number of people than the growth rate of 21 percentage points higher. In December, 86.49% of the country’s Internet users visited e-commerce sites, an increase of the proportion of up to 13 percentage points, reaching a record high.

in order to better promote the online shopping service companies pay attention to customer satisfaction, improve their service level, but also for the display of e-commerce in China in recent years in the field of online shopping emerged a large number of outstanding enterprises. In January 11th, sponsored by the domestic electronic commerce research and communications agencies Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center, the theme of "integration and prosperity" 2009-2010 annual China online shopping website ranking contest was officially launched (, a period of about a month.

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online shopping service companies, Amazon, Jingdong, network mall, China, Newegg Yi Xun network,, red child, Oriental CJ, shop No. 1,, Baidu has ah, VANCL, clothes, Ctrip, fun, love shopping mall, Xidan, 365. 165. The final selection of the best * * * online shopping platform award, excellent * * online shopping platform award two industry awards, as well as the best business model award, best online service provider award, best