recently, Ms. Cheng Cheng consumers to buy honey in Taobao, the merchant had promised to praise the full return now, after receiving the goods, but no trace of the business, but also all the goods off the shelf. Taobao staff said that the current account has been implemented to monitor the business, it is recommended that consumers alarm, but also to remind consumers not to participate in such activities.

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August 24th, Ms. Cheng said a friend to listen to a friend called Taobao bee honey garden business is engaged in free tasting activities. "Businesses said that as long as I press price to buy 1 bottles or 2 bottles of honey sold in the store, to receive the goods within 12 hours of posting pictures to praise, can make the full payment of honey by Alipay back to me." Ms. Cheng said, this shop is newly opened, she thought the business is to impulse sales, praise and engage in this "peibenzhuanyaohe" activity, will pay 90 yuan to buy two bottles of honey. A few days later, Ms. Cheng received a courier from Anhui, Huangshan City, there are two bottles of 500 grams of honey.

Ms. Cheng according to each other the posted photos, give praise, and send to your Alipay account, the rebate has not arrival. When Ms. Cheng to contact with each other, but found all the goods in the shop has been under the shelf, the merchant has no trace. "When I order, see this shop has sold out thousands of bottles. Later we these gullible consumers built a group, preliminary statistics have no cash cash back tens of thousands of." Although Ms. Cheng received the goods, but did not dare to use. "This is not the site and batch information, belonging to the bulk of honey, which dare to drink?"

Taobao said it would guide rights

this, reporters and made contact, the staff said, has banned merchants praise full back now "and similar promotions, which is contrary to the basic principles of commodity trading," it is important to take this means won praise is not true, other consumer judgment."

for Ms. Cheng encountered problems, the staff said the merchant has been a large number of complaints, the relevant departments have been involved in the handling of Taobao, activist programs have been clear. "First we monitor on the merchant’s account, control the Alipay account, will give consumers account balance compensation, exceed the balance, will lead consumers to solve by way of alarm". Finally, the staff also reminded consumers to be vigilant and cautious to participate in similar activities organized by businesses.

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