and Zhou Hongyi began to price war of words, and 360 special machines, and then to the new version of the intensive marketing price, the news of millet has never broken. Its marketing and planning capabilities through micro-blog and other ways is also quite strong early in the morning to open the site there is such a millet phone news:


just opened the official website of millet, although in a state of shortage, but the price is already 1299..


23:15 in the evening of August 14th, Lei Jun micro-blog by Liu Qiangdong tone, micro-blog wrote: "tonight, I also rather baffling excitement. Final decision…… Millet mobile phone directly to the price of 1299 yuan". This means that the price of millet phone will be down 700 yuan. In addition, Lei Jun said that over the past two weeks in the official website of millet buy millet generation mobile phone users can get 700 yuan cash coupon.

IT product price strategy is a very important part of the enterprise marketing planning, to the renewal of the millet normal enterprise products can be used as a good business case. In the development stage of products, millet mobile phone based on minu system accumulated popularity, through the millet mobile phone, the mobile phone manufacturing for Rice noodles "as the slogan, quickly attracted a large number of Lei Jun and MIUI fans. The 1999 was a relatively cost-effective price, in the early stage of pushing products, millet mobile phone may be the first reason of capacity constraints producing naturally or half unconsciously hunger marketing effect. In the past few months after the launch has been in a state of claims out of stock. And its way of booking through the network has sold hundreds of thousands of millet phone. In the early stage of pushing products, IT products can be sold to early adopters with relatively high price, the total said Lei Rice noodles.

to gradually weaken the enthusiasm receded, and production capacity continues to expand, with the ability to network marketing millet company in the price of 1999 is not restricted to open supply. Wait until Zhou Hongyi and millet play slobber war and to launch 360 special for the machine, millet company began to draw the site can be cut, the purpose can through this way to compete and may be more sensitive to the price in the 360 mobile phone, or potential consumers hesitate between millet. (I have at this stage to buy millet) also and also promote the further cooperation in the sales of mobile phone. Price is a good way to get a good impression of the product, but relatively sensitive to the price of consumer groups.

is the last news above, with millet technology will be held in August 16th in Beijing 798 Art District press conference, officially released the second generation of millet phone. The first generation of millet phone price slashed to 1299 yuan, not only can make the price more sensitive, and no brand loyalty consumers to buy. Especially for those who have used