in the release renamed after the announcement, intime department store (01833.HK) yesterday held "the intime group renamed conference, announced the establishment of department stores, shopping centers and e-commerce division three, and opened 20 stores in the next two or three years, the main shopping center formats. In the industry view, which means that intime business group has taken an important step in the development of diversification, the focus of its future business focus and growth, has been transferred from the department store and electricity supplier. Coupled with the previously renamed Suning and other retail giants, diversified development strategy has become a new trend in the industry.

intime transformation diversified business group

yesterday, intime business group chairman Shen Guojun said: "according to the key business development present situation of the whole company and business development in the future, the" intime group "was renamed" intime business group ", will be more suitable for the business development of the company."

intime has been doing shopping malls and e-commerce and other formats of development, and now the name can be seen in the management of the strategic level decisive." Is director of brand research center linyifan is valued on the development of intime business group renamed. In his view, in the traditional department store industry, intime department store management is relatively innovative, which also makes Yin Taiyou courage repeatedly change. Shen Guojun also mentioned yesterday, will create more than a decade of the company name to adjust, change, I think this is the company’s business innovation process must be done in the past, it will be more suitable for the company".

first built electricity supplier division

, according to reports, intime department store will be set up, shopping centers and e-commerce division, as a "three carriages" jointly pull the development of the group. Previously, Shen Guojun is also due to the establishment of cooperation with Ma intelligent logistics network and served as a matter of CEO, is seen as one of the most closely related with the Internet retailer.

Shen Guojun said that the development of a trend which cannot be halted e-commerce, intime network is expected to the main business as the "three carriages" in the plate. In the group, the electricity supplier will be more and more closely integrated with the traditional department stores and shopping malls business, we strive for a short time, so that the application of new technologies in various stores, so that the gradual integration of online and offline. Intime hope in the future will be shopping malls and department stores, electricity providers and shopping cards to achieve interaction."

also revealed that the next two or three years, intime signed a number of newly opened stores will reach 20, most of the shopping center format, operating area of about 1 million 500 thousand square meters. Statistics show that intime business group currently has 30 stores in the country, of which more than half of the stores located in Zhejiang province.

retail giants get together to the main industry

in Yintai before the domestic home appliance giant Suning had from the "Suning" was renamed "Su ningyun", Suning’s old rival Gome in LOGO quietly removed the "electric" two words. In industry >