reporter Han Cong

online and offline jointly promote sales has become an important trend in the development of many brands. Lining through every guest to clear inventory "war" just near the end, the insiders speculated that this may lead to follow suit effect of traditional brand, but also need to guard against the various risks and challenges.

e-commerce is the inevitable choice of

April 7th, micro-blog released "VANCL founder Vintage 11 points tonight, look forward to" Lining announced the start of sales promotion activities. Reporters noted that in the Lining and Eric teamed up cheap promotional activities, "Lining FORVANCL, not only limited panic buying 19 yuan!" has become a conspicuous slogan. This event is indeed caused consumer concern, such as Vintage where the customer insiders micro-blog show Lining and Eric called for 48 hours in the low price promotion early for nearly 30 hours before the end, the netizen in the old micro-blog message call "too little goods", "not grab".

for the low-cost inventory clearance practices, Lining said to the media, and where the cooperation is another attempt, Lining Pathfinder electricity supplier to seek foreign cooperation, to continue to cooperate in the future, Lining will keep track of sales, depending on the situation and make quick response. A clothing industry, told reporters that, in general, the price of goods as low as 70 percent off is equivalent to the cost price, Lining’s activity as low as ninety percent off is clear to clear inventory.

The inventory problem

Lining has already become an indisputable fact, industry statistics show that only the first half of last year, the total inventory of Lining six domestic sports brand has reached 3 billion 721 million yuan, while the 22 A shares of Listed Companies in the three quarter of apparel inventory amounted to 38 billion 200 million yuan. Inventory problems, Lining’s 2012 annual report shows that the company’s losses reached 1 billion 979 million yuan, which is the worst since listing.

there is no doubt that the industry is still a serious problem of high inventory, accelerate inventory will be the main target of the relevant enterprises in 2013. At present, the high inventory has let Lining suffered a substantial loss of performance and stores continue to adjust closed. Investment advisor senior researcher Gao Boxuan told reporters, high inventory pressure, e-commerce will become the inevitable choice of domestic sports brands to inventory. The joint where the customer, Lining does become another effective way to clear inventory, e-commerce sales, fast turnover should be able to better promote Lining clean up inventory."

low price promotion sequelae

one day can achieve the store difficult to match the sales results, online flash sales for many enterprises in inventory quagmire eyebrows. Reporters noted that Nike, Adidas’s online channels as early as in Tmall, Jingdong and other electronic business platform rolled out, domestic Tonlion, Lee Lang and other clothing brands have settled in

at present, e-commerce is at high speed