in Amoy

"for Taobao, the income structure of ideal is the same: hundreds of millions of dollars each year into the marketing costs of the enterprise (big B), tens of thousands every year to spend a few thousand dollars to several million yuan to buy Taobao services and medium-sized enterprises (B), and spend hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy a 180 application software service small enterprises (small C), long tail effect still exists."

Chinese has a saying, Taobao can chew, finally will not lose ah and Dangdang in Baidu, but its own ambitions. Taobao wants to be B2C, it’s not good at it.


said, Taobao started C2C stores, it constantly with buyers to sellers, the accumulation of popularity, to attract high quality enterprises, gradually won the B, but not C its ambitions completely bared there and then…

is helpless, it did not copy copy of Amazon, Amazon is at least started its own brand B2C, Google senior researcher Mr. Wu Jun said in the "top of the wave", the enterprise gene determines its business model. It’s not fatalism, it’s real. Taobao and eBay are relatively close, there are differences with Amason, Taobao’s basic business model did not modify, it still rely on Alipay; Amason’s model is the consumer payment paid to Amason, Amason to B, the insurance company middle. Taobao missed more than one ring. So we found that Taobao will still find the same as eBay, there is a very troubled fraud.

own brand definition:

mainly refers to the mature brand derived network brand and network emerging brands, with Taobao’s words, "net goods", with its own brand as the representative are: wheat bags, Justyle, Lan Miu, integrating etc..

out of the deep level of reflection:

size of the seller (small B and small C) is out of the Amoy, a deep reflection of the 2 issues:

1 Taobao turned itself into a large business in the Internet, we know that the Internet resources are very scarce in the 2: keywords and domain names. Replaced in Taobao, is the so-called advertising and related search channels. Finally, Taobao and Baidu sell almost, PPC only. So will cause small B and small C operation and promotion costs continue to increase.

finally, Taobao will become similar to Gome, Suning or XX technology market: 1 floor (home) is a large brand enterprises, namely B, such as Lenovo, the 2 floor (two pages) is a regular small brand enterprises, such as the patriot, oppo, third (three pages) will be misfits or agents (XX Technology), with the increasing of the enterprise (all enterprises, large B, small B and small C), more to the deep, the user traffic will be a sharp decline. In the Taobao system, the marketing cost of the enterprise shop will become small B and small C, more and more difficult to overcome the high wall.

2 companies to build their own independent brand B2C website, there are still opportunities