news July 11th, completed 50 million yuan Angel Investment announced 39 days before the Internet hospital, the investment valuation of 500 million yuan, of which 15 million investment led longmaster information, IDG’s venture capital fund with investment 10 million, Guiyang 10 million, natural investment 15 million.


two years ago, Langma information began to build Internet hospital. In June 27, 2014, nearly 3 months of suspension Langma information throws the health sector cross-border news intends to acquire 100% stake in Guangzhou Kai health information, to enable students to get information under the China leading healthcare vertical field site 39 Health Network, and entered the healthcare industry big data.

in May this year, 39 Internet hospital on-line operation. It is understood that the 39 Internet based hospital based on the diagnosis of severe illness of the two diagnostic model, to simplify the implementation of the first doctor, doctor, doctor, between patients, to avoid duplication of communication and labor. At the same time, the remote video interrogation, interrogation, three party consultation to landing, grading treatment through "Internet plus medical" effect.

It is reported that

, Langma information has completed the basic layout of internet medical, remote diagnosis longmaster information’s entity hospital based on the Guizhou Internet hospital and the 39 Hospital of Guizhou people are facing the Internet, and the users. At the same time, Langma information is also carried out in the medical level the development of wearable devices.

According to the June 20, 2016

longmaster information announcement, Guiyang Langma information technology Limited by Share Ltd (i.e. longmaster information with Wang Wei, Pang Chenglin, Liang Gang), Yuan Mengquan, Guiyang Langma medical career investment consulting enterprises (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as "Langma medical investment"), Beijing conntop medical technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "kangmeng doctor" Li Dongsheng), jointly invested 10 million yuan initiated the establishment of the Guiyang Internet Co. Ltd. I’ve hospital. In June 6, 2016, Kang Medical Union will hold its 10% equity transfer to Huo Yong, the company changed its name to Guiyang I’ve internet medical co..


to accelerate internet medical business development, Langma information with Shi Guidi in June 19, 2016, Lhasa long tour Investment Company Limited (Lhasa long tour) in Guiyang City, service outsourcing and call Venture Investment Fund Limited (Guiyang venture capital) and three nine internet medical and signed the "investment agreement", the investment in I’ve 450 million internet medical investment valuation, to increase 50 million yuan, access to investment after 10% equity. Among them, Langma information investment 15 million yuan, Lhasa long tour investment 10 million yuan, Shi Guidi invested 15 million yuan, Guiyang venture capital investment of 10 million yuan.