After the establishment of the

site, the rest of the things only update and promote the.


update is very simple, just click on the background, the acquisition can be, usually empty, can also write something myself, although the writing is not very good, but it was made in the original, it is faster.

promotion is more difficult, these years have done a lot of stations are dead in the promotion. What measures not think too. What used before, like e-mail message exchange, Links, network promotion, forum group, QQ group, supply and demand information exchange group, advertising alliance, text chain, webmaster forum post……… A lot, but the real effect is only

Adsense nets WWW.ADMIN5.COM

webmaster forum BBS.CHINAZ.COM

forum WWW.IM286.COM

Ali mother community

… The other effect is very small.

But the stationmaster forum AD

(AD) that is taboo. Especially the station owners forum and the laggards BBS, motionless on the letter of your ID, hey,…… send dozens of posts. Hard, suddenly without.

no way, but to find some rare a post to the forum, and then a little at the end of an article at the source from the NetEase, then add a link, so one day to dozens of IP. can’t do this, but also from time to time to the top, or a post up to 1-3 IP.


in hero a few days ago the site read this post after (website promotion – with a soft 100000IP super day to get a full tutorial ArticleID=103043), my eyes bright, I find new ideas, new promotion methods, with soft Wen promotion.

I quickly find some articles about soft Wen writing skills, such as:

[figure Wang: why do I encourage writing soft] /article/20071214/65413.shtml

[cry: soft text writing / promotion full tutorial] ArticleID=103043

[Chen Shengqiao: how to write soft advertising?]>