I’ve been in Hangzhou for 9 years, and I’ve been living in a hotel. There are times with Suning CEO to eat, we talk about the property, because Hangzhou prices rose a lot these years, many people have to buy a house investment, but I never thought to buy a house, I do not have the time. The best investment is not the house, but to invest in their own, all the driving force of innovation comes from themselves, to constantly challenge themselves.


Ali is also a process of self challenge, after I went to Ali for more than a year, Taobao mall started not so well, do the business people go, I was with CEO, rivers and lakes called Tiemuzhen "Lu Zhaoxi said, I will help. Because want to make this business to survive, there is a "double 11" singles day ideas.

2016, Tmall double 11 sales reached $120 billion 700 million. Some people say that the double 11 is created by me, my point is: definitely not what I created, I’m just an experience, an agent.

I never dreamed, 8 years after the double 11 can do this, but it conforms to the times, adapt to the needs of the Internet to the entire business development, adapt to the needs of the lifestyle changes, in fact such a thing.

11 magic to prove a point, that is, the power of the entire ecosystem in this day polymerization. The role of the ecosystem, there are many benefits, this time, the business interests of the simplification and aggregation becomes very important. 11 is a very image of the target, we will self mobilization, this is a wonderful place of market economy, the synergy is not through human intervention methods, but free, but the goal is the convergence of the role division. So I think this is the 11 largest social value.

some people would ask if there would be another fire festival that was more than double 11. But if you do not innovate, the same is in accordance with the double 11 such routines to play, I think it is difficult. So, sometimes the team’s people to tell me who who who copied us, I said very good, others copy that we do well, but by copying is not copy our.

innovation needs to play reconstruction. This double 11 is very fun, we look for the carnival cat that activity is what we think. Then I played the Pokemon Go game with the team, why can’t we get a? We have a cat, the cat is Tmall, and we have a business, high moral map, we have all the elements, you put it a reconstruction of the next line of business, the ability to mobilize, to map the ability as the infrastructure used in reconstruction, engage in a small game.

the most difficult thing is to toss yourself, no one can get you, you have to toss about.

we have been emphasizing heavy weight for years. Double 11 from the growth point of view, the annual growth rate is down,