for a company in terms of integrity and quality is the most concerned about the consumer, if in good faith responsibility, then, its user groups must be very extensive. We do not know for 85 years Haier "smashing refrigerator event remember, this is a company for quality assessment make many people know of the Haier brand, while Haier has accounted for a pivotal position in the consumer groups. So, today, we are not only in the review of the brand, but also to some what to the middle school, Chen Chen to talk from the Haier refrigerator smashing event of event marketing.

review Haier smashing refrigerator event

April 1985, Haier Group CEO Zhang Ruimin received a letter of complaint from the user, the quality of complaints Haier refrigerator. So, Zhang Ruimin went to the factory warehouse, the more than and 400 refrigerators, all done after the inspection, found that there are 76 refrigerators failed. To this end, Haier Group CEO Zhang Ruimin found the inspection department asked, how to deal with this batch of refrigerators, and the Ministry of inspection of the answer is that it has been so, the internal treatment of the. Zhang Ruimin, chief executive officer of Haier group, said that if so, it is also allowed to reproduce such a substandard refrigerator. So do it, you check the Department to engage in a poor quality, poor quality products exhibition. So, they had two large rooms in the exhibition room, placed on the inferior parts and inferior 76 refrigerators, notify the factory workers have come to visit. After visiting the Zhang Ruimin staff, the production of these refrigerators responsible and middle-level leave, ask them, how do you see? The majority opinion is quite consistent, it is said in the end treatment.

, however, Haier Group CEO Zhang Ruimin insisted that these refrigerators must be destroyed on the spot. He took a sledgehammer, according to a refrigerator, Bang Bang is smashed in the past, this refrigerator hit the rubble, then handed sledgehammer responsibility, put the 76 refrigerator in the twinkling of an eye, all destroyed. In this case, Zhang Ruimin took the lead in their monthly wages deducted, to be alert. This event as an important part of the history of Haier entrepreneurship, Haier has become a classic case in the history of development.

from the event, you can see the marketing?

At present,

, Haier in the domestic brand is very awesome, however, Haier refrigerator smashing event gave Haier given many chances. Because from this Haier smashing refrigerator event is not difficult to see that one of the integrity of the enterprise, and so the event marketing, let more consumers see Haier for the serious degree, electrical appliances at the same time, the fraction of the users of the service quality, from which we can learn the following:

1, no courage, don’t want to do big boss.

Chinese just 85 years of reform and opening up, the lack of goods market is very good, as long as the product can use, you can send the stately factory door, and there are definitely selling market. Even reject all.