is the traditional marketing advertisers to educate consumers product concept, and network media to break the traditional concept of marketing, regardless of age or gender, to determine the marketing object according to the user behavior, through real-time feedback to enhance the effectiveness of marketing. Network marketing has a lot of ways, but also by what means and consumer communication? Below the Changsha network promotion to talk about why the network marketing more understanding of consumers:

do you know, from the moment you connect to the Internet, which websites you have opened and what you have browsed, has been recorded virtually. Just like eating biscuits, edge off crumbs, a web site with cookies tracking your every act and every move these sites may not know, who you are, but you are all on the network behavior, they have crystal clear to you.

In fact, the

network is better than the reader to understand, through the application of the latest technology, network media to break the rules of traditional media operations. In traditional media, usually by the editor in chief or editor based on experience or knowledge to determine the size or location of a news page, and then through the sales figures or market research to understand the preferences of readers. However, the immediate reaction network media can obtain readers, including every news hits; in a few minutes, how many readers to browse news content; what kind of title is easier to attract readers; even the same news on what position is easy to open, network media all know, it can timely adjustments in the news arrangement. According to the observation, adding news monitoring applications, and based on the reader’s preference for the layout of the browser grew 20%.

The difference between the traditional marketing network marketing

is even if the news is placed on how the small corner, still can attract a large number of users to read news, originally the traditional media, the network has become the focus of world.

in addition to the news hit rate, the search keyword list, but also to understand the user preferences of an indicator. By clicking, browsing and search behavior positioning, network media can accurately grasp the preferences of users, corporate marketing can be more precise. Suppose there are friends collected "Korea" mask information, said she had a higher purchase intention, product information pushed to the users of the system will take the maintenance of products manufacturers, and advertisers can use call ads related to the content, prompting consumers to take immediate action. When users browse news, the system will be based on the type of news users often browse in the news page to display the relevant advertising. For example, if the user often browse the news of entertainment nature, the system will be displayed in favor of advertising artist endorsements or entertainment, game related products. Network through the system will be related to the highest degree of product information passed to prospective buyers, more than the indiscriminate hit birds advertising marketing turnover rate of at least 30%~60%.

network media to break the traditional marketing concept of the audience, regardless of age or gender, purely based on the behavior of users to determine the marketing target, significantly enhance the effectiveness of marketing. All advertisers want to know what consumers think, through the behavior of the Internet media positioning, advertisers