recently, claiming to be the Southern China version of the 36 media business downtown guest krypton state, obtained by the Beijing eagle fund collar vote, Shenzhen thunderstorms capital, Zhejiang newspaper media DreamWorks with a Beijing Internet Co with investment Angel round of financing, amounting to two million.

August 13, 2015, former newspaper media (Luan Chunhui river called "Dao") who initiated the establishment of the downtown off state, the main platform in addition to the WeChat public number "downtown off state", and the website and the WeChat community covering three thousand or four thousand people. Douglas served as the Nandu Department of ND honeycomb incubator COO, has many years of observation of the TMT industry, in the media accounts from "Dao road" on writing.

make the guest state is really very recently". At the end of last month, the venture capital industry "little Chen Yao," Li Qian also joined the downtown off state, one of the co founders of state guest become downtown.

Southern China version 36 krypton: vertical segments,

line service


in July 2014, in the South courtyard of Douglas received a business incubator in Nandu to do the internal task, then he has had the Internet experience, "Douglas road" also have some self media resources.

"we encourage internal staff to put forward their own BP, I help them to do some sort of business model, and ultimately through the newspaper to vote to determine the project." This project is the "hive", just a year’s time, to help Nandu internal hatch 10 entrepreneurial projects, in fact also help Douglas completed a personal transformation comb, later evolved into Douglas face now".

in extensive contact with entrepreneurs, Douglas found the real entrepreneurial ecology should include media platform, service entrance, bearing support, capital driven four basic elements, but the limit of the system, makes the four entrance function cannot be fully rendered. "Entrepreneurs in Southern China, in particular, need an entrance to the media, but the cost of the newspaper is too high, not suitable for early dissemination, but the need for a new media." To this end, Douglas ran away.

Douglas face activities, Douglas dialogue entrepreneurs

new list: why do you say Southern China needs such an entrance?

Douglas: Southern China area business environment, on the one hand, the lack of a professional service innovation of science and technology media, although there are three newspaper, but are comprehensive, can not form the vertical segments of the service ability. On the other hand, a variety of so-called chicken soup is not too much, you need to have a professional insight into the nature of the essence of information dissemination.

pragmatic Guangdong entrepreneurs also lack the awareness of the need for project communication and packaging, good projects lack of media services. I came to Guangdong from 1998, there are 17 years, the local culture of Guangzhou have their own feelings, feel the need for someone to help them do the spread, the story >