today accidentally, think of a friend before a marketing method.

friend is the website construction industry, for example, in the Jiaozuo area, each county, do have a certain keyword, because it is through the network marketing, it can greatly improve the rate of a single store.

casually look for a business to do examples, such as:

Wenxian County Zhengda branch, is a heavy class, such as "crusher, ball mill, magnetic separator, dryer, mineral processing equipment etc..

this type of product, small areas can only be produced, but the product is for the country.

If by now the usual

website, and then one by one to optimize keywords, then Baidu, this time, the consumption of energy, and the staff wages, including the establishment of a special network sales department, all is the need for a lot of money.

so, then, if so:

China a total of 34 provinces +2393 cities

If the

in all of the province, city and county level, all the "Keywords" (specific product name, such as: tiegun)

is as follows:

Henan crusher

Zhengzhou crusher

Jiaozuo crusher


the content of the page, all is called "Wenxian County Zhengda science" website content, such as: the telephone company, product, company details and so on.

said so we may not be very clear, I simply give an example,

for example, I am xxx County, Xinjiang

I need to buy "crusher", so I knew that this product is large machines, physical sales rarely, so I definitely want to search the Internet, I have to use Baidu Search XXX or XXX Xinjiang county county crusher crusher and so on, to do so, product sales is really targeted for "2393 city to marketing.


of course, if you do a web site keywords, the enterprise oriented, and will lose a lot of potential customers.

If you have

, a web site, Baidu bid, do not burn said, now in the Internet era, almost all rely on enterprise competition means necessary.

if you can achieve such a method to promote and marketing, not only can be drained, but also can greatly improve the performance of the product sold.

of course, now the first to solve a few technical problems, that is how to do so many sites at once, because to do a website, less