this talk we are very concerned about the topic of "WeChat", WeChat public account operation difficulty is higher than other tools, after all, WeChat public account is closed, to get the user’s attention is not an easy thing. But WeChat is not a panacea, not all industries are suitable for use, WeChat marketing advice before first look at the following ten things.

one, research industry and regional user base


is the first research industry and regional user base? Because WeChat now has 300 million people, compared to ten population countries in the proportion is not too great, not all sectors of the people will use WeChat, so you have to know the use of WeChat in your industry many people, you store city or how many people are there in the use of WeChat, if the quantity is less, do not recommend that you use WeChat marketing.

two, WeChat is a customer relationship marketing platform

many friends of WeChat and micro-blog as is the wrong understanding for the development of new client platform, WeChat is actually the main function to maintain customer and enhance customer relationship marketing platform, users of your product or enterprise based on a certain understanding will be concerned about, so if you want to rely on WeChat to find new clients as well use micro-blog.

three, you do not positioning, but the fixed style

unless you are from the media, otherwise the enterprise products and enterprise culture has given WeChat public account you, so what you have to do is set the content style and character style, if you work in a creative Home Furnishing activities, may wish to put some interesting content, such as creative and unusual architectural design, creative arts creative furniture, etc.. Is your role as a WeChat style public number of operators, you are as ordinary customer service to communicate with users, or to business representatives to communicate with fans, a distinctive character, such as Durex, their customer service is called Du Du, Du Du Du Du has his own personality, because language style Tokebis interesting, so to attract a lot of fans to come worship, this will enhance the relationship between fans and enterprises, so as to increase the trust of the fans and the consumer. Therefore, the content and style is the focus of attention should be paid.

four, do a good job in the public account content guide

I found a lot of customer account although registered for half a year, also added a lot of articles, but did not actually do content guide, only received a welcome message with selling properties of user attention, without prompting the user to get more information through what way. This time should learn about telecom No. 10000 call center, opened after the input 1 input 2 is what it is, what to do, so welcome information must be added to the boot prompt operation, so that the user will know how to use your WeChat account, which can greatly reduce the risk of the user to cancel the attention.

five, according to user preferences data >