today, WeChat is more and more widely used in marketing, how to more effective marketing? The basis of comparison, for most readers, many of these techniques are very simple, many of them are entry-level knowledge. But, you don’t necessarily know every one!

1, service marketing can be carried out by means of a mobile terminal, mobile phone, tablet computer, smart watches can be connected with the mobile device, the owner can interact with these platforms and stores, to achieve seamless CTOB;

2, with the help of WeChat platform, you can map the location of the store directly to the advisory clients;

3, WeChat platform can be achieved online booking, online payment conversion;

4, for multi store mode, you can apply for a service number, statistics to a port. Each store and then apply for a subscription number, the shop’s own WeChat marketing;

5, each enterprise can apply for a number of subscriptions, with different departments to apply for different platforms external;

6, WeChat gifts, WeChat send points, WeChat discount, WeChat experience and other activities, can enhance customer attention and use of WeChat;

7, WeChat promotion attention can also be used: exclusive, exclusive information, large concessions, focus, contacts, text reading and communication;

8, after the establishment of public accounts, each employee of the enterprise to establish their own personal accounts, the formation of a network of external communication;

9, WeChat group has a population of 50, the crowd of 100, the crowd of 150, play the role of the group, the group administrator’s work is very critical;

10, WeChat marketing and traditional marketing does not conflict, but added a new platform to interact with customers and expand the visibility of the company’s opportunities;

11, WeChat can also achieve mass function;

12, WeChat can remote positioning, sending messages;

13, micro signal to avoid being sealed: do not over use shake, do not often brush circle of friends, do not over release advertising, not to be reported by friends;

14, WeChat’s subscription number, you can also customize the menu;

15, if you send a picture and text information, found that the wrong, you can have been sent to delete, modify after the completion of the re send;

16, WeChat content of the material management: the content is attractive, the author does not write, link concerns, a summary of the text, the design of the cover picture, the content of the 1000 words as well, the sub paragraph of the 100 words as well;

17, WeChat 7:00-9:00 12:00-14:00 18:00-20:00 proposed to send prime time: 22:00-24:00

18, WeChat can send: pictures, videos, >