the "generator" interface, the input "false evaluation" generated by

pictures for journalists

Legal Evening News (reporter Luo Xiaojing) yesterday, a "secret" in the circle of friends how transaction records and dialogue post caused many users attention, Post said micro manufacturers to sell the product in the circle of friends, high turnover record, buyers praise is made by software.

"Legal Evening News" reporter survey found that the installation of the name "WeChat dialogue generator" and other computer software, the user can freely set the "customer" and WeChat chat, cheat. The use of these software for cosmetic businesses, software charges at four hundred or five hundred yuan.

found that micro business high turnover record software can be false

"I did not expect, you can own a transfer." Do micro business in the yellow lady saw this post, I feel a little surprised, the original high turnover are false."

Miss Huang sent to reporters this post. "A lot of micro business is acting, by sun and WeChat customer dialogue screenshots, sun Alipay screenshots, reflecting their own business is very hot, in fact, is a self enjoyment." Post said, micro business can use the "WeChat dialogue generator" and "Alipay" transfer screenshots generator ", online bank transfer screenshot software" fraud, to create a micro shop business is hot. Accompanied by false transaction records and buyers comments and other screenshots.

reporter read the circle of friends before the release of WeChat news found that there is indeed a micro business out of the screenshot with the post show similar screenshot.

survey generator for computer software 400 yuan with a 1 year

reporter according to the tips of the post in the apple APP download search, but did not find these software.

then, reporters at the computer web search in the input "WeChat dialogue generator" and "Alipay screenshots generator", "display tens of thousands of search results, many websites can download this kind of generator". These so-called generator is a computer version of the software, divided into "apple" and "Android"".


opens a "Alipay income fraud software" links, page display, the need to buy software, version 1 is 400 yuan, 700 yuan for the permanent version. The most expensive is micro business packages, a year version of 600 yuan and $900, respectively, a permanent version of $900 and $1400.

sell such software are some software download platform website. "The purchase of software can be paid through Alipay, TenPay, WeChat etc.." The site customer service said, the payment is completed, we will send the legitimate software to your mailbox."

how to fake


in a link, the website provides a trial version, the reporter downloaded and installed.

click on the software, called "WeChat dialogue generator (Android)" page