was established less than 1 years, electric cars bought the car announced sales data has exceeded 200 million yuan. This home is located in Hangzhou’s B2C electricity supplier in the field of automotive companies, has access to innovative workshops and NLVC billion investment.

in the first 9 months on the line, bought the car using the electricity supplier model, to solve the C end users buy a car difficult, complicated procedure problems. However, at the age of tenth months, CEO Li Yanzhu held a special press conference said: to launch the automobile finance strategy, to solve the pain points of the B end.


(Note: automotive industry chain upstream and downstream Finance)

B2C automotive electricity supplier 1: to meet the needs of C end

even the first use of Taobao to buy clothes, will think of one day can also complete online shopping by car.

traditionally, car in addition to ready money, also need to go to the forum in a short period of time, riders, look at the Raiders, quickly become armed " understand the car Dili " and in so doing, the fundamental purpose is to reduce the car, because of information asymmetry caused cheat rate. And all entities in the field of trade, as long as the middle channel and the presence of layers of dealers, during which the intermediate costs will eventually be paid by the C end user.

as tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of millions of cars, in the era of the former Internet electricity supplier, the middle of the profits is very impressive. But now, dealers, 4S store survival situation worse. One is to speed up the Internet connection and the speed of information dissemination, more open information symmetry, for most buyers, prices become mandatory step; two is the young 90 groups to buy a car for their age, the speed of the car models, more demanding, different from the previous generation and generations. The car is not only a means of transport and the status symbol, but also to show the individual.

bought the car founder and CEO Li Yanzhu said, as a new generation of consumers, 90 consumption concept is very direct, first of all is to use the most simple way to solve the problem of homes will be able to order to buy a car and parked to the door; second is to have fast, long wait for more and more out of patience.

" however, the needs of these 90 consumers is very natural, just like our other online shopping products, always want the fastest and most convenient to get the desired goods. In the past nine months, we mainly do 2 things: one is for the global market, through the completion of a rapid supply chain, can help consumers quickly find and want to buy a car; two is built horizontal logistics system, changed the automotive logistics from the original host plant to the dealers to the consumer or dealer phenomenon, can achieve data to different supplier inventory, logistics, accelerate the circulation of the car. " Li Yanzhu talks about how to quickly break through 200 million sales when it comes to Sina technology.

however, Li Yanzhu and his car to buy.