I am not a webmaster, but I am eager to be a webmaster,

I may now be half a month before the webmaster, I set up my blog, full of exciting bowel clear, dream your blog like Moonlight blog as famous, but I was wrong, and are so wrong, a few days later built blog, I hung on the Ali Mama, although the daily traffic is less than 40IP, but my income every day in more than 1 yuan, here you may not believe, why, because I cheated on, blog is cheating, when the highest traffic and 32IP, the MM income is 1,77 yuan, the blog hung up about 6 days or so, you there are 6 yuan of money, do not know is happy or sad, I often see people every day surfing the web, 1000IP advertising is twenty days of the week,

tell me about cheating,


was hanging on the code, I called my QQ group who helped me about advertising, sometimes is mutual, QQ see every day there are people who know the line, get him to the point, up to now, ah, sad like begging, (at that time did not know what to think) on the third day also set up a MM group, (think of cheating people pretty much) until now, I realized, call others point or point of each other, is actually a very stupid and self deception, to this day, in my QQ each group, are in advised me, you take a stand, don’t call people advertising, just started also think it does not matter, but more and more people advised me, I think I could be wrong.

a person’s words touched me, " you are in fact deceive yourself, deceive others " I think, I was the time to give up, I like this every day to call my blog advertising,

is sorry to see the blog blog, look down, stand up a powerful family of others, was crazy, just remember now, the money is not to call others a little money, but now they can not find what kind of station built, and to say it. If this continues, I can do it, may not be on the side of half a webmaster if I can do it when the station

I must keep the principle,

1, after the other people can not call their own advertising,

2, no matter what kind of station built, do not collect

3, adhere to update the site every day, and strive to do not cheat IP

does not make sense

4, SEO appropriate to do, do not stand for Baidu,

finally said, personally believe that the highest level is to forget SEO SEO

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