said the station pig can fly in the air, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, O2O became the development of advance. In the near 58 city and go to the market to give up years of love and hate, hardship. The two brothers together side by side layout of the O2O market, the news was confirmed for a moment, I believe that many O2O companies are. In terms of the size of the user is difficult to compare with the giants of fine differentiation O2O companies, have to consider their own future. How can be differentiated operations with the giant, will become the focus of enterprises in 2015 to consider.

fast transit Research Institute analyst team through the O2O market data collation, combined with the results of the user survey, analysis and discussion of future market trends.

O2O industry is standing on the outlet of the pig

(speed transit Institute mapping)

2010, the scale of Chinese local life O2O market is only 44 billion 700 million yuan, after the baptism of time group purchase industry, mobile payment and local life service gradually mature, in 2014 the precise market segments of the local life service once again set off a new wave of local life, 2014 O2O market reached 235 billion 80 million yuan. In 2015 the O2O industry will further erode the traditional local life market, especially the catering, travel, medical, automotive and other fields has become the focus of attention of the capital, is expected in 2015 the local life O2O market will reach 309 billion 180 million yuan.

"Internet plus" for food O2O wings

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from O2O line segments that catering industry accounted for 14.6%; health care, community, travel, ticketing, tourism, automotive, financial services and other industries of maternal respectively accounted for 10.7%, 9.3%, 8.5%, 7.8%, 7.8%, 7.5%, 6.8%, 6%. In many O2O industry, the most drastic changes in the food and beverage industry, the industry has become the first to subvert the traditional industries.

China O2O industry hundred list

according to the current situation of the development of the O2O industry, financing, the number of users, such as the coverage of the combination of dimensions, selected the top 100 list of China’s O2O industry. The user value, social value and sustainable development direction, will become the main requirements for selection, because only enough to prove that the APP user base will also be recognized by the market, is the basic requirement for the development of the market. In addition, the list also consider the forward-looking products.

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According to the "

speed transit Institute: 2015 Chinese new O2O enterprise 100 strong" list released, senior Internet watchers, speed transit Dean Ding Taos analysis since 2013 in the field of O2O enterprises has become an important part of A new force suddenly rises., Chinese Internet industry. Since 2015, just past >