network has covered the whole world, the prospect of electronic commerce should not be underestimated. Electricity supplier is subtly changing the traditional way of consumption, access to information, shopping, education and entertainment and leisure. Thanks to the electronic business, people have a new life experience and higher quality of life at the same time, the electricity supplier also brings opportunities and challenges to the traditional industry There was no parallel in history., today is the "new business model without electricity is not, regardless of the manufacturer or the user, is a revolution.

Ma has said publicly that he believes in "double 11" is a signal China economic transformation, is the challenge of new economy, the new business model of the traditional business model, is to let all manufacturing traders know that today the situation has changed. At this stage, the field of consumer goods business has been fruitful, and Chinese automation sector as a whole but slightly depressed. Although the industrial electronic business platform online, Chinese industrial automation, Advantech wing cat, Shen Bao net, but far less than the effect and influence of consumer products in the field of electricity supplier. Industrial operators who are watching, or simply do not want to get involved in


held in Qingdao in December 24th, the Internet and industrial integration of innovative pilot enterprises to summarize the deployment of the annual work, so that the industrial sector once again saw the dawn of industrial electricity supplier and business opportunities. It is reported that Baidu’s industrial data monitoring research platform project goal is to "Baidu users every day 6 billion search data mining based on the analysis, developed in line with the traditional enterprise needs a number of data products and services, to guide information of traditional enterprise business operation", to explore the large Internet data services directly to the enterprise production and operation activities, promote traditional industrial transformation and upgrading.

on the relevant responsible person introduced large data monitoring and research platform project of Baidu industrial three innovative features: one is the "product" is not only to solve the problem of data: application of a certain enterprise, but to solve the difficulties to have the same needs a batch of enterprises; two is the "platform": the enterprise can view the data at any time, reduce delay, reduce manual input cost; three is the integration of online and offline: online data to help traditional businesses to better understand their market, audience characteristics, consumer evaluation of the product, to seize new business opportunities.

era of big data, everyone unknowingly became an automatic and free data provider. In recent years, Taobao, Jingdong and other business bigwigs use "Crazy" Shopping Festival continue to stir up people’s desire for shopping, and consumers but also happiness within people’s consumption patterns, is changing, becoming more and more dependent on the third party platform! Big data is coming, has brought great commercial value for the industrial electricity supplier


compared with the traditional industrial sector, industrial electricity supplier advantage not only broke through the time and geographical and space constraints, the more important is that it can be through the analysis of large data timely grasp of market trends and respond quickly to slightly; to provide decision support for businesses to develop more accurate and effective marketing strategy; at the same time also can help enterprises to provide personalized service for the users. Under the role of big data, industrial electricity supplier will become the bulk procurement of goods