Zhang Mao, director general of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce

responded to Taobao selling fake

"now the production of fake and shoddy products enterprise illegal cost is too low, make the enterprise can not afford even to run restricted everywhere, even the penalty was bankrupt enterprises." Yesterday morning, the three meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress held a press conference, the director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Zhang Mao commercial system reform, Taobao to sell fakes and other hot issues to answer reporters’ questions (right). In response to a large number of online shopping fake problems, Zhang Mao said that the network transaction is not outside the law, is promoting e-commerce legislation.

network transaction

I also participated in the online shopping

Prior to this, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a 2014 second half of the network transaction directional monitoring results, Taobao genuine rate of 37%, since then there has been a dispute between the Alibaba and SAIC, SAIC, the total rate of return of the project. A reporter asked yesterday, whether there is a contradiction between the principle of Internet enterprise development and regulatory system? In the online shopping has become a new social norm today, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce will be in the online shopping market norms take what new measures


Zhang Mao replied that online trading is a new format, and rapid development. Last year, China’s online shopping amounted to 27898 million, occupy the social commodity retail sales of consumer goods in 10%, that is to say, our daily consumption of 10% is through to online shopping, but also to the 30% to 40% growth rate.

online shopping is really convenient for consumers to promote consumption. I also participated in the online shopping." Zhang Mao said, especially the electricity supplier also created a consumer point, such as "double 11", in 2013 reached 35 billion, accounting for the national day of the total retail sales of consumer goods 50%; in 2014 reached 57 billion, accounting for the total daily consumer goods 70%. We all feel that online shopping is very convenient.

network transactions are not outside the law

Zhang Mao pointed out that online shopping while there are some new problems. Because it breaks the time and space, not on the scene, so there was hype, such as counterfeit products are more and more difficult to return goods and other issues, the business sector in dealing with these problems, complaints and disputes of consumers in terms of difficulty is relatively large.

Zhang Mao said that for this new format, new business, how to better promote the development of norms, is indeed a new problem faced by government regulators and enterprises. First, we must accelerate the construction of the rule of law, because the laws and regulations are lagging behind, SAIC has issued a network transaction management approach, but it is not perfect, is now promoting e-commerce legislation. Two is to improve the regulatory approach. Online shopping has a lot of new features, the General Administration of industry and commerce as the main regulatory department of online shopping, the traditional regulatory approach is not fully applicable, to solve the problem by means of information technology. At the same time, but also to the electricity supplier, Internet business guidance, asking them to discipline.