recently, Taobao’s two SNS platform McGrady and backyard was exposed, which is Taobao once again wading SNS. Although Taobao repeatedly failed in the social electricity supplier on the road, but it is not able to stop the pace of exploration of Taobao in the social road. Ma Yun has been very optimistic about the social electricity supplier, and to make full efforts to build a social networking platform Taobao. Although repeatedly failed, but it also proves that the social electricity supplier has become a new trend.

social electricity supplier into a trend

in the past year in 2012 for the domestic electricity supplier is very not a year of peace, this year the size of the domestic electricity supplier can be described as war between. 2012 for the electricity supplier is also a year of shuffling, this year a variety of mergers and acquisitions, closed down, the rise of the news continues to spread.

China’s electricity supplier is still in the exploratory stage of development, in the exploration of the road on the road after a batch of pioneers fell. No fall is still struggling to support, struggling to find their own way of profit. Among the many electricity suppliers, Taobao can be said to be the only one profitable.

light is a double eleven day last year, Taobao Tmall sales reached 19 billion 100 million yuan, and in the end of November last year when Taobao announced, Taobao has achieved annual sales of over trillion target. It was a miracle, Taobao is also a wonderful work in the burn based electricity supplier industry. The most critical thing is that Taobao’s super profit is like a strong fan of many electricity supplier bigwigs slap.

when they shouted to promotion, to zero margin, to take more market share, Taobao has been in there, laughing and making money, although occasionally accompany you to play two. Fortunately, Taobao’s high profit is completely let the electricity supplier bigwigs sober, frequent price wars have already let consumers produce visual fatigue. So, you want to have another way to profit.

so, we began to fight the next service, fight the value, spell features, fight everything can be spelled. And Jingdong, such as the veteran of the price war has also given up the price of the means to turn to other profitable channels. Including on-line web games, the construction of cloud computing center, online advertising system etc.. Not everyone in the melee, but looking to Taobao. Find the beginning of the profit model desperately experiment, did not find a profit model began to learn.

and this time Taobao began to test the water of the electricity supplier, which also gave the other electricity supplier bigwigs a message – 2013 is the real social electricity supplier. This year does not spell the price, only to fight the user is to fight the user’s activity is more of a fight between the interaction between users, as well as the value of service for users, etc..

social electricity supplier has become a big trend, while Taobao is still here to explore the road. Perhaps which can then be able to take the lead in the new SNS platform beyond Taobao also unknown. The trend of social electricity supplier to the major electricity supplier bigwigs turn overtaking opportunities.