nearly two years in the field of electricity providers frequently broke sales of fake news, the relationship between the consumer and the electricity supplier trust crisis was very tense.

quality and after-sales service has always been the key to change the attitude of consumers. Excellent quality, the electricity supplier in place after the completion of the sales process, but also for their own to establish a good brand image, and the user to establish a relationship of trust. Now electricity providers in the field, the importance of the user’s trust and experience self-evident.

although the electricity supplier in the constant quality of foreign products, consumers still lack of confidence in the electricity supplier. In view of this situation, a cosmetics business erupted the trust crisis has taken a look less conventional way, and the insurance company to launch cosmetics genuine security, which is the so-called "genuine insurance" for each insured goods sold, if the sale of the product quality problems, the electricity supplier will with the insurance company share the full payment.

"in the field of cosmetics, consumers are more concerned about the authentic, genuine, rather than price. Sales have never been reduced by price. Consumers are more recognition of good products, good service, rather than pure price war." This is the introduction of genuine risk reason.

in fact, not only in the field of cosmetics, electricity providers in the field is so. Consumers are more recognition of good products and good service, blindly playing low card can not long retain consumers.

view is similar to the taste of vertical electricity supplier price app.


The price of app

this month also launched a "unexpected pregnancy risk, because in the promise that the shopping mall price caused the user accidentally pregnant, price will bear the medical and maintenance costs in full. Interest in the quality of goods is no longer a secret is not a secret, the price of this bold move will undoubtedly dispel the doubts of many consumers on the quality of goods. But there are also consumers, such as genuine risk, accidental pregnancy insurance, there are suspected of speculation.

condoms can only guarantee 99% not pregnant, why dare to ensure that the price of $100%, which is a question raised by many consumers.

cost-effective team said that this accident is more like a pregnancy insurance mall intimate after-sales".

"unintended pregnancy insurance launch aim is not only to ensure genuine consumer sales; price did not guarantee 100% not accidental pregnancy, but the more we hope through this unusual form, to attract young people, increase their emphasis on safety behavior, establish a healthy and responsible for the concept of sex can also reduce; in the non pregnant women within the program to bring physical and psychological harm."

in order to achieve this effect, the price of APP posted substantial advertising between an office upstairs overnight, using classic Spider man image on the floor, crawling, unusual is that spider man was carrying an infant.