may be a joy, it can be said to be a kind of sharing. Today, a few simple talk about how to help others with their own website to promote my products. First briefly introduce myself, I do is the wholesale of handwritten fluorescent board, I have been through the Alibaba to carry out the sale of handwritten fluorescent board, the effect is not bad. Every day can receive a lot of handwritten fluorescent wholesale list. New Year approaching, company boss gives us more a few indicators of the task. No way, I decided to look for more on the Internet to sell handwritten fluorescent plate.

occasionally I think of a problem, the average person looking for sources like to go to Baidu search some keywords to find sources. So I want to take a look at this path. I was searching for a "Taobao keyword source", get a look, scared me, wow. The original here gathered so many sources of information! The preliminary observation of the site, contains more than 2 thousand and 500 sources of information, but I found that this type of handwriting fluorescent plate did not see a website, but I still do not have landed on top of our company website, because if I went to the site, not much traffic I, is also a waste of time, so I want to see how the web site traffic. Just a few days ago to find a good way to see the site traffic, that is, through Ali’s mother ad above the advertising statistics can be observed on the site’s traffic, do not know, a look startled. A source site actually have such a high flow station, more than 5 thousand IP per day. Through this discovery, I feel the opportunity to come. Actually not supply wholesale information handwriting fluorescent plate, I put the company’s website login is not a lot of traffic to us! So I immediately went into the premise of this website source information is our company website to add their website address. Hey, it’s not a big problem. If you like the same as the 123 web site login money, then it is not worthwhile, they are not.

log on to their website, I was not in charge of him. For a while, they put me on the website to pass the audit. At that time, because of a little need to leave the company for a while. When I came back in the evening of the visit the company’s website statistics show, from Chinese (they supply wow Guinness website name later learned) to more than and 80 IP, so I’ll go to my Ali Wangwang. I want the ringing. Alas, I was not online, are some messages. I sent them a message. Suddenly want another "clang" sound.

"do you have a hand writing board?"

Hello, we specialize in the production of hand written fluorescent panels and other products."

, just today, on a site to see your company specializes in specialty wholesale, I’ll find the connection along the

Oh, welcome you to visit our website (the heart Anxi, because I login to the site)

"your handwriting fluorescent plate quality how?"……………..>…