January 11th noon news, Taobao mall held a press conference today announced changes Chinese brand name "Taobao mall" for "Tmall", the Alibaba Group Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Wang Shuai issued an e-mail said, why this cat image thanks to Ma Yun (micro-blog), "when I was scorched by the flames brains phoned me." the cat. "."

below the king’s mail full text:

Alibaba group brothers and sisters, Pro:

this morning, at 11:11 on January 11, 2012, is a landmark moment for Alibaba group. At the moment, just independent army soon Taobao mall, will officially changed its name to Tmall (www.tmall.com).

this is a strategic decision to form and improve the ecosystem of Alibaba group. Embrace change, not change for change. Embrace change is to seek opportunities in the change, to meet the challenges, inspire wisdom, find the true self, to achieve a broader future. As chief marketing officer of Alibaba group, I am honored to be here to share with you why we do this.

at the same time, today is also the president of Taobao mall Zhang Yong (Xiaoyao)… Oh, wrong, new things, always unconsciously by the old habits of Che houtui. That allows me to correct it: is the president of Tmall online shopping (Zhang Yong) birthday. Let’s use this decision to wish him a happy birthday.

we know that Amazon is a river, but Amazon is also a great enterprise e-commerce in the world; we know that Starbucks is not coffee, but it represents the biggest coffee chain giant and culture; of course, we also know that the Alibaba is not the forty thieves, he in reality to lay the foundation for China e-commerce, and help millions of entrepreneurs and small businesses. We often say, how big the heart, how big the stage. This sentence is my understanding, identify their genes and in the future, we can walk forward.

Taobao mall officially changed its name to Tmall, Tmall is the strategic search for genes and its future strategic outlook. Some people will say that your Taobao mall is eager to get rid of Taobao’s original sin, get rid of low inherent impression of Taobao. Or to step on the shoulder of Taobao.

dear colleagues, I will discuss with you what is the original sin, including 12 years taobao.com Ali group, created China e-commerce era era twelve years, we reshape the transaction mode, the credit system, which greatly promoted the development of the logistics industry, to support the entrepreneurs, helping the transformation and breakthrough of big brands enterprise. However, to the next, we regressed point, we all listen to! We are all kinds of criticism, praise, flattery, adulation, and learning, we insist on. I don’t want to prove that someone else is wrong. There’s no need for me to prove it. The ecological system of the Ali group, is connected to the blood, the same event, the same root, not.