and electronic commerce (hereinafter referred to as the "business") of the high-profile hot is different, the electricity supplier in 2011 began to gradually cooling, especially in the second half of the year, the electricity supplier becomes future frequency has been questioned Bu outcast from the darling of the investment, the identity of the disruptive change in just a few months.

yesterday, Kuba shopping network CEO Wang Zhiquan owned by Gome said the reporter, now the electricity supplier operating external media costs are too high, "a monthly navigation to millions of dollars, more than a few years ago, over 100 times more than that face is not cost-effective output, electricity supplier must transition from its expertise" traffic control "to" brand ".

entered the development tide of

beset with troubles internally and externallyGradually

problem with the electricity supplier industry profitability difficult, widespread homogenization of malicious competition, coupled with the development of the electricity supplier external operating costs continued to rise, and highlights the difficulties in financing, business seems to be facing is beset with troubles internally and externally. "Group purchase websites a collapse" and "small and medium-sized B2C business financing suddenly closed down one after another, reduce adverse news instantly dispersed, for a time, the electricity supplier of" winter "with more electricity business people" issued by the supplier is a hoax, "business" 2012 "to" my speech.

Wang Zhiquan said that the so-called "winter", the electricity supplier is only relative to the second half of 2010 to the first half of 2011 the electricity supplier for overheating, current electricity supplier difficulties is a "low tide", and 2012 will be a year of electricity providers to complete self redemption, return to rationality and healthy development road.

cost surge forced transformation

reporter learned that, due to the electricity supplier strong drive "not bad money" by advertisers in favor of capital, the external costs of electricity supplier management has soared, prices continued to rise, has been close to the limit of the capital, want to continue to rely on high investment to exchange traffic, driven by sales of the road in the future have not.


"electric current sales largely depends on the search engine and navigation website external traffic, but now the electricity supplier management of external media cost is too high, a navigation position per month to millions of dollars, more than a few years ago, over 100 times more than the king," Zhiquan said, "due to a sudden increase in traffic the cost of electricity providers who turned" flow control experts ", after all, spent a month on the Internet marketing costs less million, more than tens of millions."

but the electricity supplier industry limited order conversion rate restrictions, import traffic is effective, but the cost is too high is not already cost-effective, electricity supplier brand building has become a compulsory subject, electricity supplier must transition from its expertise to "traffic control" to "brand", from online to offline, from the virtual reality to resonate with consumers.

data show that the third quarter of 2011, China’s online shopping market transactions amounted to $197 billion 510 million, compared to an increase of 2010 >