business platform in Tmall is raging like a storm in 11.11, when all the major business platform is not far behind, a variety of activities and relay, but many small business does not have more energy to participate in this article, standing on their own perspective, talk about a few necessary thinking about electric business the successful operation of the platform, in fact, I also hope that every business platform can use the November to complete his breath a jump, then start the following thinking about it, maybe, what thoughts can touch your heart.

1) thinking team building should be placed in the first place can not be ignored due to expansion and

these years, we have seen many examples, whether it is 58 city, or where the customer, which gave us a need for the team construction as an important point to control, why do you say that? Remember in every guest, old said, "in 2010 2 billion, 2011 10 billion, 2012 30 billion adverbials" but the actual situation can be quite different, see now where the customer, senior home, IPO failed, inventory backlog serious, these are the result of every guest difficult to continue the stone, there is a saying that good, big strides, it is easy to pull eggs, it is true, after expansion where the customer is indeed reached a very high altitude, but if the fat is puffiness, so where is high, it can adjust the internal expansion, these are meaningless, but Is likely to cause a big bubble.

in 2010, we see which group purchase network crazy, after a lot of group purchase online line pull wind to cast, so all kinds of capital competition, many sites are defeated in this burning movement, many sites in the cash flow continue to expand their scale, the development of hundreds of local group purchase, but now, you look at these efforts, burn site left what? Many websites have fallen in the blind expansion, and now the group purchase website, many are in the maintenance team based on their own, because of the expansion to a certain extent, team building is not up to it, will cause the a big blank, a lot of things can not be put in place, only the empty look at such a large scale, but not a step by step to complete the regulation, which is the capital of Big waste.

Don’t forget the

expansion team, is a website to do, from 2010 to the present Internet crazy cool, all in that team construction in every company should have a pivotal position, including corporate culture, including corporate training, corporate loyalty, share the fruits of enterprises the victory and staff, these are needed in the team.

2) consider the development of electronic business platform must not blindly tap new customers, repeat customers is the biggest profit guarantee

in fact, in many platforms, we can see that a lot of electronic business platform like to use new customers to verify how popular they are today