first, Jiaozuo Wanfang (000612), now have a new good (000007), "Taobao equity second" may soon start shooting.

new September 7th evening announcement, the company recently received the Suzhou City Intermediate People’s court delivered the ruling executive, the company’s largest shareholder Guangzhou broadhr involved this debt guarantee dispute, because of Soochow securities (601555) on Guangzhou broadhr pledge of 31 million shares have cis position prior to the real right for security, and executed Guangzhou Bo Rong has not yet been fully fulfill previously civil obligations as determined by the judgment, Suzhou City Intermediate People’s Court of Guangzhou Bo Rong believes that should hold 31 million shares in the new company auction platform for public auction, the proceeds to fulfill their obligations, the effective immediately after the ruling is served.

in this way, if the new shares held by Guangzhou Bo Xin auction or disposal, may lead to a significant change in the structure of the new good equity. Semi annual report shows that Guangzhou broadhr holds 35 million 31 thousand and 200 new shares, representing 15.17% of total share capital, for the new first major shareholder, practicing Methodist fly directly holds 25 million new shares, accounting for 10.82% of the total share capital, but also the actual controller for Fei Lian Wei of Guangzhou Bo Rong. Last December, Fei Lian Wei and Guangzhou broadhr respectively voting shares held by the corresponding new good entrusted to the new Qianhai, Wu Risong and his wife Chen Zhuoting, soon to become the new new actual control.

litigation ridden new good old and new trouble constantly, in July of this year, due to the original real person practicing fly directly and indirectly held by the company’s stake in judicial freeze, directly led to the reorganization of the company failed. Review of the debt dispute, Guangzhou Bo Rong, Fei Lian Wei has Guangzhou Automobile Exhibition Center, training and development of Guangzhou Chunhua Automobile City Co. Ltd. of Shantou Hui Sheng Investment Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Shantou Huicheng") to provide security related debt, due to related problems led to the dispute settlement, Shantou Huicheng lawsuit to the court of the five defendants.

at that time, Guangzhou broadhr signed a loan agreement with the securities repurchase of Soochow securities, when the loan expires because Shantou Huicheng to repurchase account application to repurchase agreements, litigation preservation, temporarily unable to perform, then to Soochow securities Guangzhou broadhr filed a lawsuit, and apply for the preservation of the proceedings, the court in July 7, 2015 of Guangzhou Bo Rong held new good (for 07 of the shares) shares were waiting for judicial seizure. At the end of December 2015, Fei Lian Wei received the verdict, the judgment of Guangzhou broadhr within 10 days of payment, Soochow securities repurchase transactions 216 million yuan since the effective date of the decision, and bear from January 23, 2015 until the actual date of payment deferred interest and liquidated damages; within 10 days to pay the plaintiff 1 million 650 thousand yuan Soochow securities Guangzhou broadhr should the effective date of the decision; if Guangzhou fails to fulfill the above two broadhr payment obligations, Soochow securities have the right of Guangzhou broadhr pledge of 07 shares of 31 million shares of the disposal proceeds priority.

thereafter, due to the Guangzhou Bo did not fulfill the judgment in the phase