news yesterday, Tmall held a strategic partner Partner Conference, with the world’s more than and 110 groups of more than and 160 apparel brands signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

these more than and 160 brands, Amoy brand, international brands, the proportion of traditional brands under the line is about 1:2:4. Including Gap, Adidas, ZARA, Massimo Dutti, PULL&, BEAR, Bershka and other brands. In addition, Decathlon, Timberland, E-LAND, TEENIE, WEENIE and Inditex group and other more than and 20 brands Tmall and Tmall for the exclusive cooperation, cooperation is the only third party business platform.

according to the forecast, the next year the turnover of these brands in Tmall will exceed 30 billion yuan. Under the agreement, the signing of the business and Tmall will be in the new starting, O2O, data operations, star resources, brand marketing, service innovation and other aspects of in-depth cooperation.

Tmall for these businesses also launched a potential guest program, referring to the big data through the sale of Ali has the potential to buy the product of the brand potential customers, to achieve the purchase of potential customers to buy. At present, Decathlon, GAP, Adidas and other brands, peacebird has begun operation hidden off plan". From the operating results, the conversion rate, customer price is significantly higher than the daily.

In addition to improving sales

, big data can also help businesses conduct research and development.

Zhu Yinling