recently, the central bank issued the fourth installment of the third party payment license, Suning smooth get paid for easy to pay the license. Get a license just so easy to pay treasure to have a legal status, did not get a license before has begun to vigorously promote easy to pay treasure. Carefully observe the in the online payment on the strategy, it is not difficult to see that the easy to pay attention, further speculated that easy to pay treasure not only simply assume responsibility as payment tools, there should be other important successor. attaches great importance to the development of

easy to pay treasure

in the electricity market competition is so fierce, invested hundreds of millions through a price war to seize market share, but still not using other third party payment tool, if is not focused on market share, it is very easy to pay attention to If with Alipay, caifutong and three party payment instruments, sales promotion must have some help. But when competing for qualifying in the industry, would have invested huge funds charge 100 200 preferential activities to develop easy to pay treasure users, is not willing to have access to the other third party payment tool to help performance, this is why? After a comparison can be known, may there have been underestimated the easy to pay the importance of the treasure.

business dispute is the face of competition in the market, in fact, means of payment for secretly competition is the key to fly. Taobao master Alipay occupies third party payment market more than half of the market share, while in the field of mobile payment Alipay has way ahead. Taobao with Alipay has firmly grasp the initiative of the electricity supplier dispute. Easy to pay treasure later than Alipay more than 7 years to get started, but easy to pay treasure to carry the responsibility should be no less than alipay. After several large electricity providers to promote’s easy to pay Bao, start slowly, in fact we all underestimate, price war is not only in order to seize the share of electricity providers, are secretly promoting easy to pay treasure, because now only online banking, payment and delivery, easy to pay treasure payment. The price war itself is for the price sensitive users, and easy to pay treasure to launch charge 100 was 200 more disguised price war, it is clear that is in the price war to promote easy to pay treasure.

Yi Fubao’s "Trinity" development strategy

after the easy to pay treasure to obtain a license, Suning vice chairman Sun Weimin said in a statement: "in the future, Suning easy to pay treasure will not only as a payment tool to use, it will be a collection of membership cards, Suning, Suning joint credit card payment tool" three-in-one "integration formed with Suning characteristics of" pay cloud "provide one-stop payment experience for customers." This should be easy to pay treasure the next line of development, Suning has the advantage of the next line stores, the use of its own advantages to develop easy to pay treasure logic. In fact, easy to pay treasure Suning important far more than these.

Suning to transition from the department store, from the line to go under the line, this process will play an important role in paypal. Suning entity store >