Hello, I am Crespo card men’s founder Wu Shihui, today I am honored to stand here to meet you. Today can stand on this stage, thanks to the Taobao platform, thanks to the stage of Internet e-commerce development has been quietly doing with the webmaster friends and guest brothers, thank you, thank you all for the prosperity of the industry’s efforts.

Taobao alliance is, as far as I know, is the most effective Internet companies, the highest input-output ratio of the promotion platform. Crespo card on-line from 07 years of the day Ali mother have a concern and participate in the promotion of the stationmaster alliance, we through the Taobao way off in the Taobao alliance promotion, we not only become Taobao off the top sellers but also in the minds of consumers to establish their own brand. At the same time, as the Taobao alliance of the beneficiaries, to participate in the Taobao alliance who contest, we hope to provide more resources to support more thoughtful, creative, ambitious webmaster friends, so that they can be more rapid growth. Because we agree with Taobao alliance, and to make the effective way to promote to carry forward, so that the entire industry can benefit from the rapid and healthy development, I think this is the entire e-commerce industry the significance of the event.

here introduce Crespo card – we are the first item of Taobao mall sellers – 2008, Crespo card in the Taobao store, only 1 years in the first Taobao recommended Amoy brand, ranked one of TOP5, become the leading brand of men’s Taobao mall! – since 2008, more than 4 times the annual growth rate. In July 2010, Crespo card obtained 2010 "issued by the State Ministry of Commerce Electronic ten net goods brand" and "the most entrepreneurial network" honorary title! – November 11, 2010 and "Carnival singles’ Day sales exceeded 6 million, Taobao Amoy brand menswear sales champion! – January 8, 2011, Crespo card as Amoy brand only one brand of men," the network operators in the world named "best brand" network business "! – January 2011, Crespo card by Lenovo A round of funding.

2011 – 2012, will return to 3 hundred million coalition partners sharing, common layout brand expansion strategy! By the end of August 23rd, Crespo card in Amoy trading volume totaled 75684, Taobao mall businesses ranked second men! We accurately grasp the market and customer demand for the past few years! Prompted Crespo card in Taobao jacket, cotton padded jacket, single sales of the first paragraph.

now is the era of the Internet economy explosion, the more opportunities, the greater the pressure. In the face of this vast market, in what way to promote particularly important. I saw a lot of B2C electricity supplier companies, crazy in a variety of new media, traditional media advertising, almost to look forward to the rapid growth of the explosive mentality of gambling. Unfortunately, as you can see, most of them have disappeared in the pursuit of dreams on the road, it is really a pity. < >