technology news April 19th morning news, Jingdong (JD.COM) strategic cooperation with supplies and outdoor supplies production group Jarden reached a period of 3 years, the Jingdong will be Jarden Home Furnishing supplies division in only China market network channel retailers.

it is understood that the Jarden to join the Jingdong into the China market, the first to introduce the Oster, FoodSaver, Bionaire, Rival four brands, including blender, coffee machine, electric cooker, electric kettle, household vacuum fresh-keeping system, air purifiers, humidifiers and other mainstream home appliances category. Jarden group of other products into the Chinese market in the future, will also give priority to cooperation with Jingdong.

this cooperation, Jingdong will not only provide a full range of these advantages to promote the display platform, but also to provide a full range of brand marketing programs and product promotion strategy for Jarden small household appliances business. It can be predicted that the cooperation between the two sides in order to provide Chinese consumers with international standards of small household electrical appliances, but also for Jingdong and Jarden bring brand value and enhance the market sales.

by the end of 2012, the number of daily coverage of the national household appliances B2C shopping site has more than 8 million, this data has far exceeded the average daily flow of large traditional home appliance stores. And more than 800 million monthly visits, which means that a large number of consumers each month to browse the information on home appliances online, and may be completed at any time to buy.

in the context of the development of the Internet, the electricity supplier has not only limited to selling products for the brand. Based on the huge user base, as well as the advantages of big data precision marketing, electricity supplier has become a platform for brand marketing and product promotion. With the further deepening of cooperation between Jingdong and Jarden, the next two years, Jarden’s other brands will also be introduced into the Chinese market by Jingdong.