keyword station code marketing channels

1, the structural optimization of

2, relevant keywords (you can view a variety of similar search, then the appropriate channel distribution in these key words)

3, long tail keywords (most important traffic sources, a large number of small and medium platform can through some polling tasks on the Internet to test user search habits) for example, I want to find a Changsha, indoor air testing organization, I will search Changsha indoor air testing company

1, the reasonable arrangement of the core keywords (to use Webmaster Tools query keywords difficulty, love Shanghai index, the number of keywords)

, a website structure optimization of


4 page structure and concise (code optimization, less use of JS dynamic type development language, whether with ALT lamp)


content is King (love Shanghai or users are always in favor of valuable content, so to minimize the acquisition of


now, many enterprise users in the outsourcing website optimization or recruitment of staff, Shanghai dragon Er Love asked, how long can be discharged home to go. In their eyes, as long as the row to the first page will go to get traffic, bring economic income. As a parent as long as their children back to a certificate, what do not care. So, Shanghai dragon is a science, the real Shanghai dragon team is in a very clear division of labor, and improve the Shanghai dragon plan, will hand workshop city into a new production mode. Today, I will tell a Shanghai dragon team should do a few steps for Shanghai dragon.

2, classified information platform, the high weight website can give you a short term brought a lot of traffic.

two, the release of the

2, rational planning of site construction (1, 2, flat structure assisted navigation, breadcrumb navigation, navigation)

1, Shanghai love related products, blog, micro-blog. All of these can bring you the benefits of long-term channels.

3, the content page tectonic setting (latest articles, articles, articles, add the recommended hot correlation, according to grab more convenient self-help link content)

4, keyword density (general keyword density for 2%-8%, in the title of the article is arranged or key parts of the core keywords and long tail keywords)

a Shanghai dragon team generally consists of four categories of personnel, the front page / staff, editors, extension staff, data mining personnel. Shanghai dragon estimated that most Er are taking four live, but the professional will be greatly reduced. But many people do overwhelmed. For the four types of personnel, their specific work will also have specific arrangements.

The selection and content of which is better?