two, can provide the space of the trial service

even a space business website was introduced on the as if it were raining flowers but we still do not know, whether the company’s Web site space stability, speed is fast enough. At this time, we should try to choose those who can provide space for taking 3-7 day trial, so that we can better determine the space air quality.

is the search engine spiders to crawl the web log on our website is the most direct manifestation. It should be said that the most important a log in Shanghai dragon in the process, of course, this also shows that a Shanghai dragon must have a web log analysis. For example, the spider grab us which page, whether capture success, log also can reflect whether our space is stable, if we log in the emergence of a large number of such as: 404, 500, 503, so that the space is not particularly stable, the space is quite unfavorable to us for Shanghai dragon.

for the website of Shanghai dragon, has a simple and friendly 404 page is very important, this is mainly for the user experience for the. If the user clicks on a page that does not open, then if there is a 404 page in the default browser, so users will close the browser and then leave, if we have a 404 page, so that we can guide the user to browse other pages, so it can keep the part flow. This requires us to provide space for 404 error page setting function.


tide suggested that, if the website is very important for you, is your source of business, so be sure to choose a reputable space service providers, must not be cheap. According to a Shanghai Longfeng tidal IDC business friends said, he said many of the so-called business space, room to put a server, and then began to sell space, what security measures are not hard. So, we’d better not cheap to buy Taobao that dozens of pieces of money there are hundreds of M space.

can provide web log

Shanghai Longfeng company

weekdays often hear new friends asked me why my site is always not included ah, why do I always rank do not ah, is not I should be a revision, and so on and so on questions. But we thought not, if your site space can meet the search engine spiders crawl? Maybe some friends will ask, what website space of Shanghai dragon? Actually affect the website space of Shanghai dragon is enormous, but many of my friends have overlooked this point. So today the tide Shanghai dragon to teach you how to choose, meet the requirements of the site space in Shanghai dragon.

, a reputable space service provider

jump functionMaybe

five, 301

four, 404 page setup function