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with the passage of time Shanghai Dragon technology is mature, Shanghai dragon competition is increasingly intense, improving the search engine algorithm for Shanghai dragon ER may play an increasingly small space, as long as a little before outreach and content sites will get a good ranking but although we work hard but the web site in the search engine the performance often lead people to be disappointed with the current search engine is more and more pay attention to the details of the site optimization, we Shanghai dragon Er is also facing many brains, calculation method of search engine, each algorithm we have to be careful of Shanghai dragon Er is really vulnerable.

second, website outreach. If the content is fresh blood is like the skeleton website outreach of a person’s external performance is a person’s interpersonal relationship, outreach we usually do most is the blog, blog, BBS signature and so on, these are conventional methods, of course more advanced practice is published in the soft A5 webmaster forums, this is even the senior level. Through the analysis of the website outreach we can explain in simple words, like blog, BBS signature software, sending the low quality of the outside.

everyone to learn about some knowledge about the website weight content and outreach aspects of today’s main website and to talk about reducing a wide range of outreach, do we all know the website optimization weights, the three indispensable outreach and the quality of the article, but I found a lot of friends a wide range of outreach sites shrink reduction, the website also escape the robbery, the author thinks that it is necessary to share the reasons and Countermeasures for everyone. First of all, let’s look at the website of weight, the weight is a site soul to do human metaphor like the spirit of people, strong perseverance, and so are the external show external quality of a kind of spirit and low-spirited is the site in the search engine performance is also wind up, these search the engine is can have a general judgment on the website, and the website content and outreach like cultivation level of a person’s own contacts and these directly affect others to understand and judge for you, in the search engine is the direct impact of the website in the search engine performance. The three points above, we now see the reason for the shrinking of outreach website. We from inside to outside, from the shallower to the deeper the three effect gradually, anatomy of the site, and then explain the decline in outreach website.

first, the quality of website content, website content quality is the site of the blood, is one of the most important internal factors, like a person why we have nine years of compulsory education and the University for four years, is to strengthen their internal quality improvement, the site is also a reason only high quality content to impress your visitors in order to enhance the web site in the search engine’s performance, this is the priority among priorities, then we must first kristian. The quality of the content is low, cause the search engine to the weights of the website has shrunk dramatically, followed by the obvious reason Matthew effect will shrink outside the search engine performance is self-evident.