. Here refers to two aspects, the first is the length of the domain name we. For this, is more likely to consider user experience point of view, the search engine itself affect is not very big. Engage in investment domain why those numbers.

online is also a part of information said the reason is because the static URL with reduced URL similarity. How to understand this as a site of URLwww.xxx贵族宝贝/product.asp? Id=10 this is a product page link, then the path of the next second product is likely to be? Id=11, so relative to the two paths is not the similarity is very high but is a digital. For online mall optimization, product page itself has a very high similarity problem. It is not likely that the address is search engines ignore.

The length of URL

this is a bunch of my lead in the afternoon in communicating with others in the process of Shanghai dragon URL optimization operation. Mentioned website URL optimization, the first reaction to the majority of people believe that URL should at least have static, pseudo static. Is this operation can cause the search engine of love, then I ask, who is the first proposed, is Shanghai’s own love? To give you a year ask also is to show that the real cause of the static URL.

for GG, the website URL whether to static deal with not much difference. What do you mean, for the GG search engine, he was able to understand our website with the URL dynamic path?. That is to say it can identify URL parameters in a certain extent, contrary to do static processing, often caused by the sense of URL is not clear it is nothing but a symbol. But for the other search engines, and did not have the technology to understand dynamic URL parameters.

URL standard. This may be all second points will think of, I believe we all understand the operation of an URL standard, here I just simply give us the way. Abide by a principle, a URL can correspond to multiple keywords, a keyword corresponds to only a URL. For example, such as my homepage in general terms will not only optimize one (suggestions about three) so in another word is not about three words (target words) pointing to our website. Then, in turn, said Ningbo Shanghai dragon like my blog, my main keywords are Ningbo Shanghai dragon, my site there are a number of URL may be the column page, page. If I Ningbo Shanghai dragon anchor text can also point to the home page, column page. Then the search engine optimization, is not very easy to make weight to disperse, and could make the search engine spider confuse. Don’t know what is the central content of this address you, what is it about the content. Really necessary after our operation allows the search engine spider there is no longer a burden.

In fact,