once in the United States Mission list shows only 12 single group purchase page links, this will affect Shanghai Longfeng stream >

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, the core list page outbound links number right

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a lot of people, including most of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners will feel: Shanghai dragon is not so easy to effect? But that such judgments are generally derived from the experience of. Personal view is that the key reason of Shanghai dragon whole uncontrollable is lack of overall ability of practitioners. In fact, the vast majority of areas, Shanghai dragon are easier to make "significant" effect. As for the reason, let us think about the essence of objective:

Shanghai dragon has been bad mouthing, especially in the last two or three years after the rise of the mobile Internet is even more so. Indeed, any kind of flow channels have their life cycle, Shanghai dragon may not be the original "golden channel". However, the objective should not be overlooked is that today, in many situations of Shanghai dragon or can easily make a very significant effect.

to give 42 examples of dial back jack.

if we do products 60, B product 50 points, is looking at better user experience than others, but it is good that a small part is not significant. Maybe because the domain name short B website easy to remember, users still love to go to the B website; if we do technology to achieve 60 points, B website technology 50 points, so to save 20% server overhead, looked good, but also the only way.

I’m here called the concept of "core" is the number of links, such as a rental list page shows how many houses, or how many job listings page shows the position. In addition to the list of all the links on the page, such as the definition of the navigation bar, screening, recommendation and so on is not part of the core link ".

(precise, as if the products hit the user pain points may be a winning, no need to go to the specific points, but there are many factors affecting Shanghai dragon can win a trick. These do not belong to the daily work always happens, here we only discuss the norm)

but we do Shanghai dragon, if the B site of the Shanghai dragon 50 points, we just need to do a lot of the time Shanghai dragon 51 is enough. Because the search engine ranking is to compete with each other, the highest score ", whether it is 100 or 1 others only high points, it is more front row, with the maximum flow effect. This is extreme rarely exist in the field.

core links will make the amount of search users to find the desired search results of the time to reduce the cost, enhance convenience, so it has a great influence on the page ranking.

approach as long as slightly advantage, can have an overwhelming advantage in effect, this is the Shanghai dragon.