search spiders are known as the search crawler, its essence is a machine program, the main role is through extensive links continue to crawl the web, with search procedures for search engine Everfount provides a snapshot of content. The author had written "why" snapshot is a barometer of the weights of the website, to reflect some of the phenomena based on the snapshot, some of the relevant website weights, and from the snapshot date content and update frequency, the comprehensive judgment that website snapshot is a barometer of website weight change. But how come the snapshot? Website snapshot is by the search spider crawling and come, so if there is a way to make search spiders frequently visit the website, with the updated snapshot will be updated frequently, the weight of the website will naturally increase slowly.

, a wide chain: attract spider

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main function is to search the spider crawling website, and transmits the content to crawl to the search engine Everfount. So in essence, the content is still a key winning website and search engine optimization. We are trying to attract the spider search key, just want to let search engine faster to find more web content, thus more rapid conversion for weight increasing. Although only a way or a means, but if we can effectively attract spider to frequent website, can effectively assist the site weight increase, as worthy of further research and ponder. Professional website construction company pilot technology, from attraction to win the trust and control the search spiders have one, and this process is more important is to do the content of the website and the reasonable layout of the link.

link can play a role on the website optimization, and to search the website search engine start from the nature of the return. The search engine through a formal links with each other along the link URL, crawl content retrieval. If the link to the road, so the traffic to do business in developed areas, nature can attract more tourists. Website production is the same, the reverse link come from other sites, can effectively improve the frequency of search spider crawling. This is why we in the website optimization, must pay attention to link the reason. With the continuous development of the search algorithm to find the link, from the traditional single point function slowly extends to the transfer of weight, weight of different weight transfer sites are not the same. In terms of search engine rankings, anchor text links can also enhance the effective weight.

optimization techniques and methods, only the content is the key to winning website optimization, because both the visitors and search engines, attaches great importance to all content. The content is the fundamental purpose of the link is to make search engines faster to find web content. A site if the lack of content, even if the spider to frequent how? If every time come, search spiders are empty handed, unable to obtain sufficient fresh content, slowly will reduce the frequency even never to. On the other hand, "

two, quality content: feeding spider